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Transforming student-teacher relationships via 36 life-skills, tabletop role-playing games, supportive co-teaching & peer-to-peer learning.

Teacher-Gamer Revolution - using Role-Playing Games (RPGs) in Education

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
RPGs facilitating intrinsic motivation & distributed cognition, generates a wholly new solutionary community context. 36 literacy, socio-emotional & “maker” life-skills help learners with identity & expand trust in teachers. This is not gamification. As skill acquisition is guided by the teacher, students co-create the narrative through collaboration, failure, empathy, negotiation & risk-taking.

Teacher-Gamer Revolution

This program is a Role Playing Game curriculum designed for Teacher-Gamers and students 11+. This curriculum strengthens the connection between students and teachers, is intended to create a safe environment for skill and character development, and most importantly, is a learning activity that gets kids off the screens, keeps them fully engaged and enhances bonding time and experience with children’s parents! It was brought about by decades of Dungeons and Dragons gameplay, years of education and mindfulness training, and brought to learning environments from Conservation and Wilderness training programs to international schools, homeschools and more. To implement our curriculum, all we need is a purpose and desired outcome for students and from there we connect the dots. It is a versatile program that has many different uses. 

For the last 10 years, Zach Reznichek has spent countless hours with students and observed the need for more offscreen learning opportunities. What he found with role playing games, is that students have the freedom to propose ideas, disagree, and take a stand when they wouldn’t normally feel comfortable, because, as their character, they do not have to uphold the social dictates of their friends – in fact the rules of role-playing require they uphold their character’s values and motivations. 

Although millions of people have played role-playing games, to put them into cognitive, psychological, social, mindful and educational terms is to begin to run along the cutting edge of transformative opportunities that are, as yet, barely measured.

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There are at least 2 teacher-gamers in every school! These avid game players can help transform whole grades or full schools into role-playing game experiences, if only the administration supports them. Beware gamification: using game motifs to mitigate behavior is waste of time and teacher-gamers.

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