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The Neuro-Auditory Program provides auditory stimulation that aims to develop the attention span to enhance learning potential.

TalksUp® by Tomatis®

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Spark attention and improve learning ! TalksUp® is designed to condition the auditory system to restore the full listening potential. This technique has been proven by a large number of research studies over the years.

Spark Attention & Improve Learning by listening filtered music

The Neuro-Auditory Program is mainly based on the science developed by Dr Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001). The purpose is to improve the perception and analysis of sensory input and allows the brain to function more efficiently. This technique, used by thousands of professionals and schools all around the world, has been proven by a large number of research studies over the years. 

The program works through a device called TalksUp designed to condition the auditory system to restore the full listening potential and to facilitate the process of decoding auditory information. This device is connected to a Bone and Air conduction headphone allowing for a two channel transmission of sounds. The transmission of sound through Bone Conduction, which is 10 times faster than Air Conduction, gives the brain time to anticipate the arrival of the message by air and thus facilitates its analysis. It has been shown that this program can enhance speech, fluency, working memory, focus, coordination and many other sensory functions resulting in numerous improvements in the cognitive domain.

This program can be used for : 

  • General learning to improve academic performance by energizing the brain, improving attention and communication skills
  • Learning difficulties by developing motor skills , improving attention, regulating emotions
  • Foreign language Integration by helping children familiarize themselves with the rhythms and sounds of a foreign language

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Innovation Overview
6 - 18
Age Group
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
TalksUp® is a portable, state-of-the-art proprietary device that includes pre-designed programs for three applications: • General Learning • Special Education Needs • Language Integration It processes the music (mainly Mozart) with specific presets. The device is simple to use; users merely have to operate the intuitive interface via a touch screen to run the program. A transmitter is connected to the device, allowing up to 40 wireless headphones to be connected and listen to the pre-designed programs. In addition to the air conduction, each headphone is equipped with a unique bone conduction transducer which transmits sounds by tiny vibrations on the top of the head. The headphones are using wireless (High Frequency) technology and are specifically designed for school use.
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