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Sweet Tree Arts / Sweetland School

Sweet Tree Arts is a community arts organization based in rural Hope, Maine, USA

Creative thinking is at the heart of Sweet Tree Arts / Sweetland School. The business model and development of this small, rural, community arts center and arts integrated school in Maine has succeeded through adaptability, flexibility and perseverance. These lessons and values are practiced and modeled through experiences in the arts and creativity.


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January 2020
The Arts provides a safe place to value new ideas and to openly share them with wonder. This in turn sparks new thinking and invites a rich dialogue.

About the innovation

Building creative community

What we do?

Sweet Tree Arts offers community arts programming, through weekend, after school, summer classes and community events. Sweetland School is a flexible, arts integrated, learner centered elementary school for children K-8.

Mission Statement of Sweet Tree Arts

Sweet Tree Arts, in Hope, Maine offers a variety of creative arts opportunities to the local and broader community. Our credo of ‘Roots in the Community, Branches to the Wider world’ Inspires us to create local and global opportunities in the arts for our members and projects.

The purpose of Sweet Tree Arts is to provide community arts programming and alternative education opportunities through the arts. Sweet Tree Arts is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.


* Community programming in the Arts

*. Implement Community arts projects

* Education - offering alternative educational options through the arts.

* Advocacy of the arts including public performances, published literature, articles and public artwork.

* Partner with supporting organizations.

Why we do it?

We believe:

* The arts has thecapacity to bring the community together.

*The creative process allows us to practice authentic, relevant learning opportunities.

* When we focus our attention with fine tools and lovely materials we find pause,calm and build confidence.

* Real life situations provide purpose and passion and allow us to feel connected and engaged in the worldaround us.

*Big Ideas happen with space,time, freedom and choice.

*Collaboration expandsthe potential of the individual.When we shift our mindset from winning and losing we create opportunities for us all to be seen for who we are.

* Integrity is found inthe integration of all subjects.

* We should be valued as capable learners from the moment we enter the world.

* When we trust our own ideaswe begin to trust others andthe world around us.

* Play, both guided and free, keepsthe human spirit alive,happy and activelyengaged.

* Change is inevitableand essential.

* Assuming the role of expert,we get in the way of connection.

How we do it?

Small classes and groups allow us to build deep connections.

Trusting the process and following the questions of learners, we move forward.

Focusing on our stories, we find common themes, practice empathy and support one another.

Reaching out to local partners and individuals we share resources, ideas and grow as a community.

Spread of the innovation

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