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Addi Mavengere
Solar-powered top set for offline, off-grid education delivery


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StudyBox top sets are provision digital courseware offline and off-the-grid. Top sets support up to 40 learners at a time through 20 simultaneous connections. Content on StudyBox top sets is structured for instructor-led teaching delivery and self-paced learning. StudyBox goes where teachers won’t go, and where libraries, schools, electricity grids and the internet don’t exist.
Addi Mavengere, Managing Director
Provisioning digital courseware to support offline, off-grid teaching delivery.

Addi Mavengere, Managing Director


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Updated on July 28th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

Many learners do not have access to textbooks to support their learning. Digital resources offer a practical solution. Over 50% of learners in Southern Africa do not have access to mains electricity and the internet. Learners therefore can’t access internet based educational content. Through StudyBox top sets, users can access curriculum-aligned digital courseware offline and off-the-grid.

How does your innovation work in practice?

StudyBox top sets are loaded with curriculum-aligned digital courseware. When a StudyBox top set is switched on, it broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal which users can connect to and access the courseware. Up to 20 devices can connect to the StudyBox Wi-Fi network simultaneously.
In service, StudyBox has proven to be simple to use and ideal for occasional to frequent use to support K-12 education. StudyBox top sets have been used extensively by teachers for lesson preparation and to vary lesson delivery.
StudyBox top sets have proven effective in non-formal education. StudyBox top sets have enabled users to work through structured learning resources at their own pace and develop digital skills in the process.

How has it been spreading?

StudyBox has been developed from concept in 2018 to production in 2021. The prototype was tested with over 400 teachers and students in 17 schools across Zimbabwe in 2018, and the feedback was used to develop the production version which boasts of faster connection and streaming speeds, larger storage capacity, and improved aesthetics.
The number of regular users of StudyBox top sets has gone from nil in 2019 to 1200 users in 2021. StudyBox tops sets are mainly used to support primary school level education, and community-based skills development programs.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Prospective users can purchase a StudyBox top set and have it shipped to them. StudyBox top sets are sold separately or can be purchased as kits which include tablets, laptops, solar systems, and other peripherals. Orders may be placed with Learning Factory by email at, or by telephone or WhatsApp on +263 71 745 3072 or +263 77 226 9737.


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