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Student Voice Matters (SVM) - by Project ID

location_on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Empowering the student voice to shape education agenda and decision-making in learning

SVM is a national student survey to study how students want to learn. We asked students about their current learning experience, their well-being in the pandemic, and how they want to learn going forward. By focusing directly on student voice, it gives first-hand insight to teachers and education stakeholders in developing policies & interventions that are centred on actual student needs.



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Target group
November 22nd, 2022
We believe in hearing and taking in the student voice. As we try to bounce back from the pandemic, we need to continue listening to our students and empower them to take ownership over their learning
Kelvin Tan, CEO

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

When the pandemic started, we have had many initiatives revolving around educators and policymakers tackling the challenges of online learning. But we didn't hear from the most important beneficiaries of education, our students. We thought, instead of adults trying to figure out what students need, let's invite our students into the conversation. Let them have a say on how we make learning better.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We administered SVM as a nationwide online survey for students in Malaysia. The survey was distributed through our own student & teacher network, partners and collaborators and was conducted in a one-month period.

The results have been instrumental in supporting Project ID’s work in empowering youths, particularly those from underserved backgrounds, with key leadership skills and employability. Our survey insights proved persuasive in advocating for enabling students to participate in their learning process. In all stages of our work, we invite and encourage students to co-create and take a leadership role in their own learning.

Our network of teachers and stakeholders in education found the recommendations from students to improve learning to be helpful in enhancing lessons. The student voice helps keep us accountable and our work hyper-relevant to their needs

How has it been spreading?

"We presented the survey results to the Deputy Minister of Education in Malaysia. SVM was featured in articles and leading news channels, including World Bank Blog, LearnTechAsia, and various media channels. We also presented at the 2021 UKFIET Conference in sharing how SVM findings can help build a more conducive learning environment post-COVID.

Many educationists from universities and NGOs have also reached out to enquire about SVM data and have cited SVM insights in their work. SVM also inspired the Young Educators Challenge, a national student competition where students compete to design and deliver their ideal online lesson.

We strive to continue expand SVM as a platform that champions student agency to encompass the Malaysian education ecosystem in fuller and more interconnected d

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Every year, we shift SVM's survey scope to reflect the most contemporary and relevant issues in learning at the time from the student's perspective. We also made SVM insights to be accessible and publicly available to any who have interest in the success of their education system. Those interested can reach out to us at hello@project-id.org

Spread of the innovation

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