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Inclusive practical tools for the future's challenging scenarios

Strengthening of soft and technological skills of young students for challenging scenarios

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Our school students (72% are hearing disabled) are geting prepared for life through very uncertain and challenging times. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive teaching method that introduces psychoemtional tools to formal classes, as well as tech-tools to design more dynamic online classes. It integrates family members in online sign-language classes to improve communication at home.
Diana Agudelo Rojas, Projects leader
For challenging times in Education, we are working on challenging solutions. Students' menthal health must be a priority for succesful life projects.

Diana Agudelo Rojas, Projects leader


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Updated on March 22nd, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

The constant social challenging reality requires students and teachers prepared for it. Teachers need to go further on traditional education methods. They must be able to help the students to connect with their talents, and their inner, emotional and social strengths to build successful life projects; particularly, when there is a disability and social inclusion is sometimes harder.

How does your innovation work in practice?

At our inclusive Education School, 14 of our professionals (teachers, psychologists, and social workers) are getting prepared on the practical use of psycho-emotional and digital tools for challenging times. Since the next days, they will be able to integrate in their classes some of the resilient tools learned in our workshop. Our plan is that they can become more supportive to the students mental health risks that the lockdowns brought to their lives; those where deepened as, mostly, they are deaf.
As a result from the process, we will have abailable:
1) Psycho-emotional tools kit for teachers;
2) Online Colombian sign language classes for families.

How has it been spreading?

We have just begun to implement the second and final stage of the process. It includes the creation of a Psycho-emotional tool’s kit for teachers, as a results of the stage we are finishing. Our pilot with students will happen this year with our own school students. We plan to spread it inside in the middle and long term, as a transversal education tool for our teachers and students. We want to share in the near future with other organizations working with deaf children and adolescents in the country.
After having 40% of adolescent students from our school diagnosed with depression during the 2020 year, the creation of the psycho-emotional tolls kit for teachers became urgent and fundamental.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Soon you will be able to try it, as soon as our tools’ kit for teachers and the online Colombian sign language for families are ready.
We will launch both in October 2021.


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February 2021
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December 2020
Winners of the Social Value Prize from the Fundación Cepsa (Spain). For the "Strengthening of soft and technological skills of young students for challenging scenarios" initiative

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