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Strength TogetHER, support platform for girls to share stories.

Strength TogetHER

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Strength TogetHER was started 2 years ago to create a safe platform for sharing personal stories & experience which brings changes in attitude & lives of girls. Girls get to explore, express themselves & share their stories that are relatable to all. We have had more than 500 participants, 182 sessions, 107 topics, 36 moderators and 27 Cohorts during the last 2 years.
Anisha Prajapati, Co-Founder
“Listening to the other’s period stories, I realized that it is okay to go to temples while on period. I was always taught that visiting temples in period is a sin”, shared a member from Cohort 5.

Anisha Prajapati, Co-Founder


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Updated on August 9th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

While working with school students, we found the feeling of I AM NOT ENOUGH in adolescent age in girls due to societal eye on them, family views, and their own perception of themselves. As per data, we learned that 51% of girls complete high school, but only 20% are engaged in the workforce. This is a huge gap. To reduce the gap by developing a feeling of I AM ENOUGH we created Strength TogetHER.

How does your innovation work in practice?

At Strength TogetHER,girls come together to share stories online or in person on specific topics that are dear to them & in topics that are usually avoided in Nepal like gender stereotypes,my first period among others
We initiated Strength TogetHER online during COVID-19 with 20members with an open call.After completion of their cohort,participants started their own cohort with friends & others which has been expanding ever since.
Realizing its importance & impact we started these session at schools.We have a pre-set topics girls can choose to talk from or,set their own topics important to them.We connect them with moderators experienced in their field of study & aware/assist them to learn beyond the scope of theoretical education.
Through Strength TogetHER, we are providing a safe space for girls to speak up and support each other. Girls are helping each other grow through their experiences and mutual support. This, we believe is first step to reducing the feeling of “I AM NOT ENOUGH"

How has it been spreading?

Within the first year of commencement, we made Strength TogetHER feasible for more than 250 girls. And, in our second year we have been able to expand to public schools while continuing open cohorts simultaneously.

The expansion in public schools has been possible with the help and support from wards (local government bodies) while open cohorts have been growing with the previous cohort’s participants starting their own cohort as cohort coordinators, bringing in more participants by realizing the need of access to Strength TogetHER to greater groups. We also make open calls via social media and other platforms.

We aim to conduct these sessions in all public and private schools all over Nepal in the next few years as we realize the importance and impact these sessions make.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

After understanding the theme of Strength TogetHER, you can start a cohort by making an open call to participants. We can connect you to our alumni of Strength TogetHER. And, to start in schools we can assist you with the resources & knowledge we have gained along the way.

Visit our website, for more information & you can directly email us at as well


Achievements & Awards

May 2022
Innovation page created on
May 2022
2 Year Anniversary
May 2022
Expansion of Strength TogetHER
April 2022
Expansion to Lumbini
March 2022
Winner of Princess Helen Shah Inspirational Woman of the Year Award 2022
December 2021
Strength TogetHER at Jyotidaya Cooperative School
November 2021
Expansion at Mahendra Bhawan School
November 2021
Expansion to Jumla

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