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Children have the potential to safeguard themselves. Stories can enable children to understand their Constitutional Rights.

Stories on Children's Constitutional Rights

Chennai, India
Children are taught their Fundamental Rights and Duties in school. However, they are often unsuccessful in understanding and imbibing these safeguarding policies, as the content is dry and difficult. We use storytelling to spread awareness of the provision of rights among children. In each story, the protagonist is a child-superhero on a mission to identify and prevent the violation.

Yein Udaan - a community-based organisation spreading awareness on children's Rights

What we do?

We are creating an open-source database of child-friendly stories to enable teachers, parents, guardians and other adults to help children understand and engage with the policy initiatives designed to protect them from abuse, labour and violations. In every story, the protagonist is a child who is empowered to identify a violation and solve it with the help of his/her friends, teachers and parents. 

Why we do it?

We use stories to spread awareness on children's Rights to help children relate to and understand that there are measures in place to protect them. 

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A private Montessori school in Chennai adapts the stories on Child Rights for their annual day
Under-privileged children take the stage to spread awareness on their Rights


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