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Students create stop motion videos and address some of the UN SDGs

Stop-Motion UN SDGs

Xindian District, Taiwan
The KCIS grade 7 are studying the design thinking process and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Their task is to create a stop motion video in which they would address at least one of them and think of how they would be able to address this issue. Some creative work was produced.

Stop Motion UN SDGs

The primary aim of this unit is to expose students to a range of moving image techniques, allowing them to experiment and develop their own stop-motion skills using their iPad and iMovie on a laptop. Students will be introduced to the pioneering stop-motion cinemagraphy of various artists, investigating how developments in technology can allow artists to create new and innovative artworks. Students will then complete a series of stop-motion exercises which will allow them to develop their skills as well as explore the studied techniques of various artists, leading to the design and creation of their own creative Stop Motion animation.


Students will have an opportunity to explore the world of animation from drawn to stop motion and pixilation. We will start will a brief history and science of animation at which point students will have the opportunity to play and learn the mechanics of the medium by making flip books. Students will then break into groups to investigate the various technologies and materials that animators use in their work and they will share this knowledge as well as the films that they discover with the class. Students will then have an opportunity to collaboratively write and story board a film which they will complete in the animated medium of their choice.

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