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Plug & Play STEAM programs for middle schools and high schools

STEAM Education as a Service

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Stemi is helping educational institutions to transform their classrooms into 21-st century innovation labs. We offer a turn-key solution in form of STEAM programs with seamless classroom integration. Our goal is to radically reduce the time needed to transfer state-of-the-art technologies (AI, Robotics, IoT, autonomous driving, neuroscience) and industry knowledge into educational systems.

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Updated on March 11th, 2021
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Stemi - learning by creating

Who are we?

Stemi is an ed-tech company that aims to accelerate high-tech workforce development by radically reducing the time needed to transfer relevant skills and industry knowledge into educational systems.

We help middle schools and high schools around the world to transform their classrooms into innovation labs where students can experience hands-on projects emulating real-world practices.

With our first bio-inspired robotics program, students will learn important industry technical skills like 3D modeling, mobile app development, and embedded programming. They will also develop crucial 21st-century competencies like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and life long learning.

We are committed to creating a legacy for future generations because education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. Join us on our journey and let's change it together!


Our solution has two critical aspects that help both teachers and students on the issues they’re facing. We developed our Educational Platform for teachers and students to offer seamless and simple ways to connect with our interesting Programs.

The evolution of industry 4.0 is happening quickly and the knowledge gap between state-of-the-art technology and under-supported educators, we believe, will only increase.

The Educational Platform

The backbone of our product is an online learning platform. This enables efficient program delivery and we are able to improve the product almost instantly - in real-time, using data analytics.

To help achieve the goal of efficient program implementation, we offer along with the educational platform support by providing schools with hardware and software, teacher training, holistic curriculum with teacher notes and student handouts and teacher support at any given moment.

Your teachers’ digital solution offers them up to date information and gives back precious time by taking administrative work off their hands.

The Programs

Our programs enable teachers to facilitate project-based and personalized learning for their students. Students will gain a strong baseline in advanced STEAM knowledge while developing not only hands-on technical skills but soft skills like leadership, teamwork and life-long learning.

Through this internship-like classroom experience students will generate a positive attitude towards the STEAM industry and they will develop important professional skills and industry experience.

There is little doubt that “industry 4.0” subjects like AI, programming, robotics, etc are key skills in the preparation of the next wave of leaders, explorers, and inventors, with the potential for impact unquestioned. We have sought to align this with some of the UN’s worldwide goals, offering the opportunity of massive social impact with our business. The issue is clear and for us at Stemi, we think the solution is even clearer. We need to support teachers and engage students in an interactive and relevant way.

Our education philosophy

Our curriculum is built upon activities and projects that emulate real-world experiences. These include technical staff meetings, design reviews, job interviews, formal presentations to a customer, and much more. Corporations employ internship programs that groom future employees by immersing students into the real-world business environment. Stemi has core beliefs that drive our programs, and these have been developed from our experiences.

Controlled Chaos:

Controlled chaos is a highly effective learning environment. 21st Century STEAM professionals work in cross-functional teams and progress takes effort. Educational environments that eliminate the potential for miscommunication, competing objectives, confusion, and even reasonable frustration also inadvertently eliminate the most valuable teamwork lessons.


Hands off teaching is the single best facilitator of hands-on learning. In the professional environment, it takes research to get information. Even then, the data may be unclear, untimely, out of order, and conflicting. Allowing students to obtain and process information without frequent interjections is critical to broadening their horizons.

Rewarded Failure:

Encouraging innovative approaches without fear of failure will groom critical thinkers. Shaping future STEAM professionals begins with enabling and empowering students to learn from their failures. The primary objective of any project-based program should be to get students comfortable with problem-solving without a single “correct” answer.

Why we do it?

The issue is very simple, our children aren’t able or cannot learn the valuable skills of the future.

STEAM field employment opportunities are projected to grow around 2x faster than any non-related industry. When this information is combined with the reported prediction of a shortfall of 85 million jobs by 2030, and the report suggests that this will be because “younger generations will not have had the time or training to take many of the high-skilled jobs left behind [by the demography changes]”. This demonstrates the need for a shift in the way we inspire our children to be interested is critical.

Our education system is being restricted with slow governmental adoption rates, low industry experience in key educator roles and a limitation on individual teachers’ time, keeping up to date on the constantly changing fields and then wrapping lesson plans around confusing hardware. When the development of a new technology occurs, there are so many steps before it is placed into the hands and minds of interested students, that many are no longer interested as it is already outdated.


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