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We at ssstart working towards normalising speech disorders through our interactive events, workshops, flash mobs, plays, and games activities. We are exploring the role of body language, sign language and storytelling to better understand the challenges of people of speech and communication disorders. We are mainly working in slums of new Delhi among marginalised and dalit youngsters.


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April 2022
We believe that any limitation can also be viewed as an advantage, and we call this the "unfair advantage".

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Witnessing violence in my personal surroundings shook me and took me to an island of isolation and loneliness. I changed—from a child who loved to be in the spotlight to a stammering, timid boy who tried to avoid conversation.
Today, I embrace my special style of communication, and I dream to set free those who are prisoners of their inability to communicate fluently.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

ssstart is a center that gives hope to revive the warmth in human communication through exciting and engaging workshops, activities, and events.
We provide interactive spaces for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds to be free, vulnerable, and patient human beings. Our main goal is to create authentic communicators and balance speaking and listening effectively.

We believe that any limitation can also be viewed as an advantage, and we call this the "unfair advantage". In ssstart, we strive to empower persons with different speech disorders—like stammering, lisping, sigmatism (repetitive use of the ‘s’ sound in every word), and aphasia—by focussing on direct and truthful communication while embracing speech disabilities. We will demonstrate self-humor through activities like stand-up comedy, rapping and street plays. We offer workshops focused on body language, public speaking, and sign language. We also get help from experienced psychologists for people suffering from trauma.

How has it been spreading?

ssstart, which presently boasts 30 students assists stammerers, lispers and people with other speech& articulatory disabilities by arming them with techniques, helping them to cope with the different challenges that life throws at them, and move on in life. We help our participants overcome stage fright through ice-breaking activities, vocal exercises, and by creating opportunities to face the public without being frightened. We aim to make the stage their comfort zone and liberate them from this fear. Be it fear of failing or fear of exposure to his/her shortcomings, our budding organization helps fight the societal taboo surrounding communication disorders & speech problems, as we know them by categorizing them, defining them, and finding a solution for each.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Get in touch with us- https://twitter.com/123ssstart/




Our website- https://www.ssstart.org/

Spread of the innovation

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