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10x your math results with a super-easy tool for the whole K-12 math education.


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SkillGrower is the go-to, standalone solution for all math learning needs at home or at school for K-12 education (ages 7-18). Students do up to 5-10x more than with other methods, resulting in 12% increase in grades in just 3 weeks. It's so easy to use it doesn't require training and studying can start in minutes. Teachers receive rich and easy-to-understand analytics for pedagogical assessment.
Ali Omar, Angel investor
My son Alex has solved nearly 4,000 questions in SkillGrower and is now studying math 2 years above his age.

Ali Omar, Angel investor


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Why did you create this innovation?

While working as a math teacher, I realized that I didn't have the time to help each student reach their full potential. I had to look myself in the mirror and think if this was how I wanted to go on. That's why I started to pursue the vision of creating SkillGrower, where I could create a truly motivating learning experience for all learners, while of course not increasing teacher workload.

How does your innovation work in practice?

SkillGrower has up to 30,000 hand-made math questions covering the whole K-12 math education from introductory questions to hard "apply your knowledge" questions. Seamless studying experience along with gamification features and personalized, adaptive learning keeps all learners motivated. Meanwhile teachers receive tools for more efficient in-class time as well as helping identify how to help each student, such as automatic homework checking, automatic assessment and rich analytics. The experience has been made so simple that it requires no prior training to start using.

We've measured that students learning outcomes increase by an average of 12% in 3 weeks of use. During lockdown students completed 11x more questions than they did in-class prior. Teachers can make classroom time up more efficient by 30-70% for all learners with automatic assessment tools and analytics. We use the Finnish K-12 curriculum as a basis, but curriculums can be tailored within days.

How has it been spreading?

During the semester of 2020-2021 we had about 5000+ students and 300+ teachers in Finland. For the semester of 2021-2022 we are expecting roughly 100k+ students in Finland and Central-Asia. Succeeding in this, we can see no major blockers doing 10x increase in students per year.

We hope to further spread SkillGrower especially in countries and schools where math is taught in English, but localization is possible within months (such as in Uzbekistan).

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Contact for a school or teacher trial (or sign up as a parent on your own).

You will be sent instructions for login and getting started, and your first study session could start in minutes.


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