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Youth-led EdTech empowering our global youth & future leaders by sparking innovation, communication & problem-solving across borders.

Scribers World™️ - Creative Hub for Global Youth

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Scribers World™️ is a ‘Creative Hub for Global Youth’ that engages stakeholders across the ecosystem of educational and professional development. It is an EdTech platform that empowers our global youth and future leaders through intelligent connectivity, encouraging them to take charge of their own learning and Create. Connect. Collaborate. across borders - to become Youth Uniting Nations®.

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Updated on June 30th, 2022
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Welcome to Scribers World™

What we do?

Create. Each month, our Scribers write prose, poetry, lyrics or narratives motivated by a Spark Word. Scribers bring their stories to life in their own ‘selfie’ video and share short films that capture their daily lives and passions with the Global Scribes community across 45+ countries. Together, they look beyond borders to discover their similarities and differences.

Connect. Scribers from around the world engage in live conversations, discuss youth-led topics, share personal anecdotes and announcements through global chats and weekly video calls. They ‘laugh and cry together’ providing a social safety net for one another.

Collaborate. Scribers join youth-led Global Scribes Teams and create projects and activities that explore art, food, film, science, nature, fashion and so much more. Together, they connect to peers across the globe, discover common interests and develop real world solutions.

Why we do it?

YOUTH UNITING NATIONS®: To build an empowered virtual community through the beauty of the written word & creative expression. Utilizing cutting-edge technology to build a progressive social network of engaged youth sparking innovation & collaboration, turning ideas & aspirations into reality, while building life experiences & meaningful relationships. 


Facilitating borderless communication and fostering genuine friendships among diverse global youth: social network of global peers that connects the unconnected;

Building an engaging global community based on trust, happiness, a set of golden rules and peer-to-peer mentoring: applying ethics and moral principles such as community ownership, leadership, accountability and transparency to the digital space;

Providing opportunities for experiential learning and creative expression in a safe, fun and trusted environment: youth learn to adapt to change, recognize opportunities and innovate in the face of challenges, matching the fluidity of their future job markets;

Sparking innovation and problem-solving across borders: interactive network of global peers designing solutions to challenges that interest them while having fun; alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to spark innovation, communication and problem-solving across borders and by encouraging inclusive and sustainable actions at world scale.

Engaging stakeholders across the educational and professional ecosystem: mutually beneficial collaboration across public, private and corporate sector; creating data driven programs and solutions for youth constituents, businesses and educational institutions.


Testimonial from a Scriber: 

‘Global Scribes gives us a platform to interact with other people our age from all around the world. Not in many parts of the world do we see people of different cultures and nationalities communicate with each other. Global Scribes breaks this stereotype. We all have something to contribute. One may be a storyteller. Another may be an inventor. Some may be artists, and other mathematicians. When we work together, we sure can make a change. Individually we are a drop but together we are an ocean. We must work together to spread love and peace’ – Keya, Scriber from UAE


See this innovation in action

Join Scribers from around the world with global celebrities & athletes as we celebrate UNITE & #youthunitingnations
EQUALS Coalition NYC September 21.  Scribers represented global youth to discuss equal opportunities for their generation at the Annual Principles Meeting.  
Cynthia English on GCTV with Bill Miller
Meet our Founder, Cynthia English. Passion is something that inspires you, holds you, and drives you to do whatever it takes even when you are sick, soaking wet from a sudden rain deluge or–it doesn't matter. Opening the doors of opportunity for our global youth takes precedence for her every day. Thank you, Mr. Miller. #globalgoals #bettertogether
Scribers World™️¸ A Creative Hub for Global Youth Global Scribes Youth Uniting Nations®
Global Scribes: Youth Uniting Nations® Why? Who? What? Impact... Technology for Positive Impact
Scribers World™ Preview
'WE' can Save 'US'. Millions of Youth. Hidden Stories. | Irfan Kalender & Fares Dehbi | TEDxWaltham
What's YOUR story? Scribers World™!
Going Global with Scribers World™ [Full Version]
Scribers - Who exactly are we?
Scriber Testimonial - UAE
Scriber Testimonial - Morocco
Scriber Testimonial - Turkey
Scriber Testimonial - Kenya
Scriber Testimonial - Jordan
Scriber Testimonial - The Gambia
Scriber Testimonial - India
Scriber Testimonial - Liberia
Scriber Testimonial - UAE


Achievements & Awards

August 2019
5 Scribers to represent GSYUN & their generation at EQUALS Coalition first youth roundtable NYC Sept
July 2019
Generation Unlimited (Unicef) invites Scribers to apply for first Junior Board of Directors
May 2019
Happiness Event - Amsterdam
April 2019
Partnership with Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs
March 2019
Mobile World Congress Panel: The Leaders of Tomorrow: Advancing the Next Generation of Talent
March 2019
Protoype of Scribers World™
December 2018
Partnership: SAP Next-Gen - A Purpose Driven Innovation Community
September 2018
Partnership: EQUALS Global Partnership #EqualsInTech
August 2018
Partnership: The Internet Society and Global Scribes Work Together to Amplify Young Voices
June 2018
Scribers at TEDx Waltham
December 2017
Member of Washington D.C PeaceTech Accelerator
March 2017
ALF Education Festival: Honored with award by Sheikh Al Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani

Spread of the innovation

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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Become a Scriber (ages 8 - 25)
Do you want to be part of a global community of inspiring youth #YouthUnitingNations? You’ve come to the right place. Ask your Scriber friend to recommend you to us! OR send us an email on to set up a video call & get you started!
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Become a GS Team Leader (ages 15 - 25)
Do you have a game-changing idea? Dream of leading a team of enthusiastic peers from around the world? You’ve come to the right place. Ask your Scriber friend to recommend you to us! OR send us an email on to set up a video call & get you started!
Read more
Set up a GS Club in your school or city (ages 8 - 25)
You can launch your very own GS Club in your school, youth organization or city. Rally your local friends and get support from your Teacher, Facilitator or Principal to help set up your club. Send us an email on to set up a video call & get you started!
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