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School of the Future-Nazareth Prep

Nazareth Prep is an independent Catholic high school that provides an affordable, progressive education that is real-world rigorous.

The future of learning is here. Personalized, hands-on, and technology rich, Nazareth Prep is reinventing education critical to building and maintaining a diverse, competitive Pittsburgh workforce. Through the combination of a rigorous curriculum and a real-world Internship Program, students at Nazareth Prep develop into future employees who are work-ready.


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January 2019
Our high school intern from Nazareth Prep performs better than any other college intern we've ever had. The Internship Program at Nazareth Prep is mutually beneficial for both us, the mentors, and the students. We love having our interns with us!

About the innovation

What do you mean school of the future?

Nazareth Prep is an affordable, private education building strategic thinking for 21st-century success. All of our students intern one day each week from September to May at some of Pittsburgh’s premier employers. Our students complete tasks and projects typical of entry level employees at their internship, gaining transferable and desirable skills. Internship hours are generally 9:30am to 2:30pm. Students wear their school uniforms, are provided with lunch, and the school coordinates transportation. The professional setting provides the students with experiences that reinforce skills introduced in the classroom: communication, delivering quality work, collaboration, and decision making.

Implementation steps

Obtain Required Paperwork

Have your legal advisor create a student / parent participation agreement that acknowledges the internship as a class credit and consider including permissions for photos. Your partners may use this relationship for internal and external marketing purposes. Have your legal advisor create a corporate partner agreement.

Build the Internship Network

Engage regional partners seeking (a.) diversity & inclusion (b.) pipeline of talent and or (c.) marketing their company’s engagement in community development.

Attend networking events held by Chambers of Commerce and business organizations, leverage current sponsors and school trustees and parents, vendors, local workforce boards, union training centers, and local legislators to build the network or refer likely partners.

Identify corporate partners in a variety of career clusters ie., health science, STEM, human services, business, construction, etc. Targeting career clusters based on local workforce demand projections will help you maintain internship leverage and ensure post-secondary student placement.

Survey Student Interests & Match Internship Accordingly

Use Thrively, Google surveys, and any career assessment tools to thoroughly and holistically evaluate the best internship fit.

Individually match each student. Discovering if a student prefers hands-on work versus desk work and/or an office setting versus a more agile dynamic setting will increase the success rate.

Create an Internship Success Team

Utilize your team’s assets and have someone in charge of student performance improvement plans for student concerns that arise, and act as the main point person maintaining student and parent communications.

Use another team member as a corporate relationship manager to attend networking events, meet mentors for coffee and support, and maintain regular internship site visits.

With an administrative assistant, deliver weekly feedback forms to assess student growth & maintain all mentor communications. Tending to emails and phone calls immediately with a follow up action plan is key to an internship program’s success.

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