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The Rybakov School Award is an educational game with grand-prix $50,000 which is held in a chatbot.

Rybakov School Award

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RSA is the first tutorial game that helps educational organizations create communities. In two years more than 7,000 educational organizations from 29 countries participated in it – teachers and headmasters, schoolchildren and their families, alumni and school partners. The game format helps to realize the mission of the Rybakov Foundation and to implement a model of the educational community.
Alisa Sokolova, Community Program Content Director
In this game, we see every participant, and everyone deserves an award, because he or she helped to bring changes in one's school.

Alisa Sokolova, Community Program Content Director


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Updated on August 9th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

The pandemic prompted us to intensify the search for a new format that would not only be devoid of the listed shortcomings, but would also be able to respond to completely new challenges: isolation, disunity, lack of a usual way of life, stress and anxiety, increased workload on family, lowering the quality of education. So we developed game mechanics that attracted more than 38,200 people.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Throughout the school year, teachers, principals, students, parents, and graduates completed tasks in a chat bot: they created a school community, fundraised, attracted partners, held extraordinary events and equipped schools. By completing tasks, they received crystals that allowed them to strive for the $50,000 grand prix and prizes in individual nominations.
The idea of the game is that everyone: develops skills, networks, tries oneself in a new role – for example, as an event manager, fundraiser, lecturer, copywriter, designer or smm manager. Step by step, everyone changes their lives and improves the school.
One of the tasks – to attract partners and finance – helped the participants to raise over $500,000 through fundraising. With this money schools were able to renovate the interior, buy equipment for IT classes, equip a media center, repair a gym and laboratory, create a coworking space, restart the school museum, and someone donated funds to charity.

How has it been spreading?

During the three seasons of the game, 38,200 people from 29 countries signed up for the competition. The participants of the 3rd season published more than 7 thousand posts with the hashtag #rsa_3 on social networks.

Game participants before and after the format has changed:
-Old format of a competition: total number of participants for four years was more than 6,000 people.
-New game format: for two years more than 38 thousand people from more than 7 thousand educational organizations registered for the game. In each season of the game there was an increase in registrations - at least 5,000 new participants are registered in each season.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To join, use a chat-bot in any convenient messenger. After registration, it is necessary to assemble a team with 6 roles: student, teacher, school administrator, family representative, graduate, partner. The number of team members is unlimited. There are 8 marathons devoted to different topics. Collect crystals and get prizes, upgrade the school community and your skills from task to task.


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