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Increases physically active learning, wellbeing and fitness with interactive mobile technology


Marker Leeds, United Kingdom
An innovative resource enhancing learning and physical activity levels with interactive mobile technology. English and science games encourage pupils to explore their environment, solving problems and interacting with each other throughout. The classroom, gym, playground or field are turned into unexplored realms with intrepid explorers searching for clues to solve exciting challenges.

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“The children were all actively engaged in learning and the resource itself has endless possibilities for application to the curriculum.”

Yr 4 teacher, Thorner Primary School, Leeds, UK

Questr is the new innovative teaching intervention which enhances learning by introducing screen based physically active games into English and science lessons.

Substantial evidence exists which shows the benefits of being physically active during the school day. These include increased cognitive retention, better social skills and improved fitness levels, all leading to enhanced wellbeing and learning.

It is also well documented that children are spending more time in front of screens; playing games and interacting on social media.

But this needn’t be a bad thing!

By capitalising on this fascination we’ve designed dozens of games which can be slotted into any English or science lesson to encourage learners to get up, move around and explore their environment while solving problems on their tablets.

Feedback from teachers and pupils has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic with an ever increasing bank of anecdotal evidence that Questr games have a positive physical and mental impact young people.

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Intended Outcomes
5 - 12
Age Group
Resources Needed
Tablets Wireless internet

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