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Muyu Wang

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Empower high school students in Taiwan to be their own learning designer through Academic Portfolio with Education Design process.

Qi-Sorting-Hat Project: Academic Portfolio in Taiwanese Context

With the world turns to face artificial intelligence in coming decades, Education seems to be the most important and influential tool globally. With the trend of learning going more learner-centred and self-oriented, we developed a scaffolding tool of Academic Portfolio for learners to integrate their learning results, design their future pathways, and develop their own learning style.

How can Education Design empower children to design their own learning pathway?

“We are curious about that, if we put children in a universe only belongs to themselves, what their own world will be built like?”

Muyu Wang, Chief Executive Designer, MOI Education

What we do?

Through two-year research and investigation, we developed the methodology of Education Design. Cooperating with Department of Education, National Taiwan Normal University, we published nine future Education Concepts of Education 4.0 (sustainable learner; whenever wherever; mentorship; student ownership; personalised learning; life-oriented; field experience; whole new exam; information literacy). Later, we developed the Qi-Sorting-Hat project through Education Design process based on the interview with students, teachers, scholars and other education innovation organisations. The project puts the focus on Academic Portfolio for personalising student's learning pathway and self-oriented learning plan. The Portfolio consists of three parts: (1) the Portfolio model based on the competencies needed in 21st century and the trend of education 4.0; (2) the guiding course/ activity for students exploring their learning style, preparing their future goal-setting; (3) individual/small group consultation for personal learning or career needs. With all three parts integrated well, we believe that the students can build a comprehensive learning plan. style, process with their future-oriented sense.

Why we do it?

We are curious about that, if we put children in a universe only belongs to themselves, what their own world will be built like?

Education is a future-orienting industry. We need to consider the coming future and the its impact on children and prepare them to live properly in that future world. We believe  that there should be a place where every child can learn what he or she wants and become what they want to be. In this sense, we need a better design for the learners to build their own learning pathways with more exploration and personalised guidance.

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Innovation Overview
13 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
The Academic Portfolio is based in personalised learning pathway; the guiding process/activities for students is flexible according to students from 10-50. There is a fixed model for students to fill in their learning results and works, and small group consulting for their learning design.
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Muyu Wang

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Intro - Academic Portfolio with Education Design
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