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Project Build A School

place Nigeria

Provision of a conducive learning space for children in vulnerable and marginalized conditions.

This is a project that is aimed at restructuring, renovating. and building schools for underprivileged children in rural communities across the nation; giving them a very conducive learning environment through a good conducive learning environment, provision of writing materials for learning, Volunteer teachers. This innovation has helped improve the learning of these children.


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Target group
April 2023
I hope to see out of school children who have no access to education get access to learning and becoming relevant and useful to themselves and the community at large. Through this innovation I want to see the gap of out of school children reduce in NIgeria from over 20 million people to the barest minimum. Through this innovation I want to also see children get the foundational learning.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

I created this innovation after the farmers/crisis that led to displacement of families from their ancestral homes to internally displaced persons camp which has seen a lot of children been affected negatively because it has led them to being out of school for a long time which is not a good thing at all.
The problem I am trying to solve was just to ensure these children get education.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The solution addresses the problem by way of creating that conducive learning environment for learning with provision of school desks, writing materials and several other school aids for learning.

They are evidence that these things work because of the condition we met the children at the initial stage where the children sit on bricks, Mats to learn which wasn't conducive and we were able to get them desks that allows them to sit and learn.
You can check: Instagram.com/projectbuildaschool/ for the work we have done so far.

We have used a Volunteer Teacher methods for the children which is getting volunteers who served as volunteers to teach the children on the several subjects that need them to thrive and become better and these also has helped them.

The foundational learning method is a method which we have been using to enable the children learn literacy and numeracy skills too.

How has it been spreading?

Some of our main achievements of these solution over the last 1-2 years is the number of out of school children we have been able to bring back to school by way of creating a conducive learning space and also providing adequate learning materials to enable them to learn.
Also, one achievements is the fact that they don't pay tuition fee and these in it self has helped in encouraging the children to learn.

My goals for the next 2-3 years is to create an advanced class where the children can transcend into higher level of learning and create a self sustainable method for their learning experience.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If someone wants to adopt this solution, it is important for them to understand the context to how it relates to their solution and it is easy to adopt this model.

Steps they need to follow is to adequately do a proper needs assessment as this will enable them to carryout their solutions properly.
Contact details:
Phone Number- +2348167562044
Email Address- luckyowoicho01@gmail.com

Implementation steps

Foundational Learning Step
* Get children in a learning space where they can learn
* Conduct a pre-assessment survey to test their knowledge
* Put them in cluster so they can learn together, and this should not be restricted to the age but on the basis of their learning capabilities.
* Monitor their learning and appoint a learning leader amongst them for accountability and towards their development too.
* Do a routine check on their learning capacity.

Spread of the innovation

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