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PraDigi for School App

place India

Creating an open learning environment for rural children to learn for school.

PraDigi for School App is a part of Pratham’s digital initiative that has 3 pillars: 1) devices for peer learning 2) social structure of parents, siblings and youth to facilitate learning 3) contextualized content that engages learners in online and off-tech activities. The app allows children to assess their learning levels and set their own goals. This drives them to further enjoy learning.


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February 2022
I used to play on this application of PraDigi for School. Science videos and games help me in performing better in my school. I can understand the human skeleton easily due to the pictures and videos

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The Indian education system is currently in a learning crisis that has affected over 5 crores of children. Children have not attained foundational capacities despite high enrollments in school. The PraDigi for School App aims to bridge the gap in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication present in the formal educational system.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

PraDigi for School App provides foundational knowledge across subjects such as Science, Mathematics, English, and Language for children and youth learners. Content is created to include the following aspects: 1) Self-directed learning wherein learners can opt for practice tests according to their learning level to track their progress. 2) Contextualized material that is sorted into learning levels with competencies of increasing difficulty based on children’s responses. 3) Concise content that begins and ends with a question. The assessments have an appropriate representation of questions from each competency. Community members often supervise children's practice assessments. Available in 9 regional languages, the content is designed for both online and offline access. Children are given tablets to engage with the app voluntarily to learn in groups and individually. In a study, it was found that they performed 12% points better than control groups in school subjects

How has it been spreading?

Since 2019, the PraDigi for School App has reached 89,000 learners. This has directly supported children and youth in PraDigi Open School learning programmes. Since the application is in the public domain, it is used across India. Many of the parents, siblings, youth and other community members have also found the application useful to self-assess and develop their foundational capacities. The App has helped make an open-source digital library accessible to learners of all levels. This has markedly improved the way they view learning, helped them self-assess and in turn, improved their competences in different school subjects. The content on the PraDigi for School app is now available in 9 different languages. In the coming years, the goal is to add more soon.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

PraDigi for School is an application that can be used anytime and anywhere. It can be accessed both in online and offline modes. In order to use it, one must have an android phone to download the PraDigi for School App through the Google Playstore. Need any help? Contact us at for more!

Spread of the innovation

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