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Sarah Cole
Beyond the Physical. Be the Spark.

Personal, Social, Physical Education Framework

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A personal, social & physical education framework that gives space for meaningful student agency. To bring their whole selves to lessons including the richness of their past, the diversity of their present & the possibilities for their future. Learning through Body, Emotions and Language/Hands, Heart, Head. As healthy and knowledgeable citizens, they can fully contribute to their communities.
The structure of units provides opportunities for students to lead their learning and differentiate personalised assessment. I have moved from a teacher-driven to a student-driven approach to teaching

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Updated on May 23rd, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Friends have said, ‘I love being a fit, active adult but I really hated PE at school’.
Depending on your experience, Physical Education (PE) is still seen as Sports or drills. This has evolved and it is not only parents who need educating. This framework is an opportunity for educators to go beyond the physical and support child development experientially and (w)holistically. Through BEL and HHH

How does your innovation work in practice?

With good social, emotional and physical health, our students are confident, motivated and ready to access the world as responsible, creative and collaborative citizens.
Over 5 contexts students are involved in activities meaningful to them. For example in Individual Pursuits, students choose what they want to improve upon and set goals and practices. The way we communicate is developed through basic non-violent communication techniques that requires students to be aware of what they are feeling, why and being able to regulate, share with others. Students, as well as parent volunteers, share their heritage and culture through international games and language.
The way we feel during PE may shape how we feel about, and whether we choose to be physically active today. Over 2 decades of research has demonstrated that physical activity can improve academic performance and create an upward spiral, thanks to the compounding benefits of physical activity over a lifetime.

How has it been spreading?

Main achievements
Across both campuses, a common language is being used and as students move between campuses their PSPE experience has the same roots even though the activities and facilities may be different.
Anecdotal evidence of less bickering in class and when disagreements do arise they have the strategies and tools to quickly resolve them. More students joining external physical activity.
Next steps
Measurement: Student and staff surveys before and after. We missed this opportunity but moving to a new school provides an opportunity to measure the impact on mindset and culture.
Teacher development. It has taken time to shift some mindsets away from 'traditional' PE to a more holistic vision. However, this is not due to a fixed mindset, more along the lines of confidence and comfort.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Look at what you already do and think does this incorporate the hands, heart and head while learning (Orr, 1992 and Sipos et al, 2008). Another perspective is in what way are the Body, Emotions and Language being incorporated (Echeverria, Ollala, 1990). In this framework Personal, Social-Emotional and Physical are the success criteria. A different lens.
Check the 'Inquiry into...' doc for ideas.


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