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A tool that helps teachers foster meaningful, measurable and inclusive class discussions.

Parlay Ideas

Marker Toronto, Canada
Parlay is a discussion based learning tool that allows teachers to foster meaningful and inclusive class discussions using a blended learning approach. Teachers can measure the quantity and more importantly the quality of student contributions, as well as give feedback to their students in real-time during a discussion. Helping them to understand how students are communicating and collaborating.

Discussions Make Students Future Ready

““When my students use Parlay, their discussions continue outside of class; they are no longer restricted by the boundaries of class time. Student engagement has been greater, and they are able to apply and refine skills they learn in class while considering real-world issues.””

Nick Day - Director AP Capstone at St. Andrew's College

The future of work will require students to be versatile, take initiative, have 'soft' social skills like collaboration and communication, as well as have the ability to listen, think objectively and problem solve.

Discussions allow students to practice all of these skills in an environment where they can work together with their peers exploring real issues and ideas that are happening in the world today.

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Intended Outcomes
1 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
Can be used on: Computers and Tablets. Does not work on: Smart phones [*currently working on making Parlay cell phone capable].

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“I think that education really needs to focus more on soft skill development and discussion-based learning. We know t...”
Katryn Kolt
Leah Duncan - English Literature Teacher | Case Study | Parlay Ideas
Learn how your Students are Collaborating - Chord Diagram
5 Ways to Improve your Parlay Class Discussion


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