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Mangal Pandey
Ensuring quality early childhood education [ECE] by empowering schools, teachers and parents.

Parent Engagement Program by Key Education Foundation

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ECE is a very fluid experience for a child between school and home. Building awareness in parents on developmentally appropriate practices and guiding them to facilitate enriching experiences at home can tremendously increase the impact of a preschool program. The PE program by KEF, does that by providing a host of resources to schools and parents including workshops, videos and home worksheets.
A home environment can be the make or break factor for the holistic development of a child. A quality education intervention will be successful only when it also brings a positive change at home.

Kalindi Joshi, Lead Parent Engagement


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Updated on September 23rd, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

Parents from disadvantaged communities immensely value quality education for their children but remain unaware of what the indicators of quality are in ECE [As per a report, 98% of parents demand daily homework for preschoolers]. We realized that preschools partnering with parents and introducing them to holistic development and play based learning is the best way to create a sustainable change.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We partner with schools to deliver a holistic preschool program that includes Curriculum, Teacher professional development and Parent Engagement [PE].
Our PE Program includes:
Workshops: Spaces for parents to interact and learn about key themes like child development, early learning, behavior management etc.
Play & Learn Worksheets: A set of 36 bilingual worksheets that schools can send home each week that encourage parents to engage in constructive activities that they do with children. When parents do this each week, they witness learning through play and begin to appreciate and support the same practices at school.
AV resources: Relevant and contextual videos hosted on YouTube in multiple languages that are shared with parents via Whatsapp to support them with knowledge, skills and mindset related to child development and parenting practices.
School and teacher coaching: A handbook of strategies for schools and teachers to effectively engage with parents during the academic year.

How has it been spreading?

KEF has delivered this program in 65+ schools in Bangalore and Mangalore and has partnered with the Karnataka state government to include parent engagement in the govt preschool curriculum.
In 2019-20:
We conducted 160+ workshops with an avg attendance of about 60%
6000+ students received the play and learn worksheets across our partner schools with an avg return rate of 80% students.
In the surveys we conducted, we saw 30% parents showing a positive shift in their understanding of indicators of quality in ECE and positive attitudes towards play.
This helped KEF create a Home Learning Program when schools closed due to COVID and leverage technology so our PE content could be taken to more families. We are now seeking collaborations with organizations to extend our PE content and programs.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You can explore our Parent youtube videos at to check if the content suits your needs. You can also reach out to us through the HundrED page, or by emailing us at, with the subject - “Exploring KEF Parent Engagement for ”. We would love to take our Parent Engagement to a wider community.


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February 2021
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Play and Learn Worksheets
Play and Learn Worksheets is a set of 36 bilingual, activity based, worksheets, that are sent by schools as a weekly homework for the parents and child to do together. QR codes are added to include videos to help understand the activities and to learn about key topics related to Child Development.
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Helping Hands
Helping Hands videos are a series of videos intended to create awareness on important topics related to Child Development, as well as to help parents reflect on their own parenting practices to eventually lead to aa safe and healthy home atmosphere for a child.
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Lets Play
Lets Play kit is a Do-It-Yourself manual to make simple Teaching and Learning Materials for children in the age group of 3 to 5 years which promote all round development using play. The games provide a joyful alternative to school activities and outdoor play in the Covid induced lockdown.
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