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Unlock your full potential

Ouriginal enables academic institutions, secondary schools, and corporates to improve efficiency and deliver quality content by providing a fully automated system for assessing the authenticity and originality of any text. We deliver cutting-edge technology that helps enhance the potential of students to think originally, and saves time for teachers when evaluating assignments.


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November 22nd, 2022
Ouriginal wants to protect something that is increasingly endangered by modern technologies: the freedom of every student to develop their full potential by original thinking and creative writing.
Andreas Ohlson, CEO of Ouriginal

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

With the rise of the internet and thousands of free resources, students' chances to develop their own critical voice through creative writing are increasingly endangered. For many reasons, students are tempted to take a shortcut by simply copy/paste content for their assignments instead of writing it themselves. Also, essay mills and ghostwriters get more affordable and endanger students' success.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Our innovation is a software solution that combines text-matching with writing style analysis, enabling educators and users to assess the authenticity of any text. The product helps create an environment which fosters fairness and sparks creativity among students, facilitating personal development by unlocking their full potential. It can be seamlessly integrated into your current workflow, whether you use it through a learning management system (LMS) or as a stand-alone product. The process starts with the document submission into the system - by the student or educator. Then, it analyses the text for possible similarities or matches from our database containing sources from the wider internet, academically published material , and previously submitted student material. When the system finds similarities in the text, it not only records the degree of the matches but also considers paraphrasing and usage of synonyms as well as any evidence of ghost writing and contract cheating.

How has it been spreading?

Ouriginal products have not only won accolades from media, but has been a top performer in neutral studies and tests by Academic Integrity researchers, such as the latest research project results by the European Network for Academic Integrity. In their latest study, Ouriginal has rated as best in coverage.

Besides this, a milestone on the business side of things has been to have been chosen by the National Ministry of Human Resources as the go-to plagiarism detection solution for every educational organization in India. This was a huge step forward to provide a reliable tool for safeguarding academic integrity in Asia - and by that, providing millions of students with fair opportunities there.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We're always happy to receive inquiries for demos or trials through the contact form on our website [https://www.ouriginal.com/contact-sales/] or by email to sales@ouriginal.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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