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Model school for life which strengthens through classical music the voices of children in most need

Orquesta Infanto-Juvenil Música Para Todos

location_on Virreyes, Argentina
Inspired by a model in Venezuela, we focus on the learning process of each student and on their motivation for their permanence in an Orchestra. It is currently a unique project that prioritizes the formal schooling for children and youngsters, so that each one can build, through music, all the tools they need for their inclusion in society and the design of their own life project.
P. Juan Pablo Jasminoy, General Director & Ezequiel Piotti, Orchestra Director
Music gives children and young students a means to express themselves. In the Orchestra they learn that each other is important and necessary for the desired result.

P. Juan Pablo Jasminoy, General Director & Ezequiel Piotti, Orchestra Director


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Why did you create this innovation?

The Orchestra arose in response to the interest of a child of the community to learn how to play the cello. We then asked ourselves why it might not be that many other children learn to play instruments, and particular symphonic music? At first, the Venezuelan model was simply replicated, but then innovations began to be introduced to help the children grow up as people of integrity.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Our students are children and youngsters from very vulnerable sectors who enroll the Orchestra from the age of 7. Their families do not have formal jobs and the children are often victims of abuse and violence. They also have problems with relationships, concentration and self-esteem.
In “Música para Todos” we guarantee that every week our students receive at least 3 or 4 stimuli: The practice of their chosen instrument; Musical literacy; Sectional Ensembles, and, General Ensembles of all instruments.
Each lesson begins with a routine to help to focus on the here and now: by becoming more perceptive of the tidiness & order of the place where we work, by preparing the mind by means of mindfulness techniques, and by growing in awareness of our own body with yoga exercises.
Finally, we keep an exhaustive record of individual trajectories. Thus we care for each student holistically and promote their development. The results so far have been very good.

How has it been spreading?

Since the beginning of the Children´s Orchestra in 2005 we have grown from 50 to 70 students, and are still striving to continue growing, but we have not been able to do so due to the pandemic and the quarantine required by the local Government in Argentina. Likewise, each child and youngster who attends today has 3 or more weekly stimuli (classes), when in the beginning it was only once a week. The level of requirements has also grown, taking into account that today we consider enrollment for those who have more than 75% attendance, and that we can reliably offer proof of their formal schooling.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

In order to be a member of the Orchestra, it is a requirement to be part of the at risk population of Virreyes, San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In order to replicate the project elsewhere, you can contact us. The project is very comprehensive and innovative, and we will be proud to share so that it can be replicated anywhere where vulnerable populations are. Also by training a team.


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