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Pia Jormalainen

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New Nordic School provides the world’s first fully integrated interdisciplinary pre-K to 12 system, the Nordic Baccalaureate.

New Nordic School

Espoo, Finland
The Nordic Baccalaureate is an educational concept that empowers all students to explore their natural creativity, discover their true passions, and shape their own future. We apply the renowned Finnish Curriculum integrated with best pedagogical practices from around the world to create a personalized, multi-age, and strength-based system.

We live in a world where the future is unknown.

Pia Jormalainen, CEO & Co-founder
“We at New Nordic School prepare students for a world that requires them to be creative, innovative, adaptable, and collaborative problem solvers, with excellent communication skills.”

Pia Jormalainen, CEO & Co-founder

We believe that no one should be judged in any given moment; every child has potential. We encourage and support them to share their learning not through standardized tests but through evidence of authentic, enduring understanding.

New Nordic School offers a curriculum that challenges the traditional, industrialized model of education. We apply the renowned Finnish Curriculum integrated with best pedagogical practices from around the world to create the Nordic Baccalaureate.

We deliver our service concept worldwide to existing and starting schools. Whether it’s our curriculum, professional development, quality assurance, education environment, or the whole package – we can help you! Through consultation and collaboration, we provide you with tailored and dynamic solutions.

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Innovation Overview
1 - 18
Age Group
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A willingness to learn new skills and a mindset open to transformation.
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Pia Jormalainen

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Get in touch with us and let's identify your needs together. Whether it's stand-alone consulting, licensing our curriculum or starting a turn-key school - we can help! Email us at to learn more.
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