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language camp in the nature

nature et langues

Geyikbayırı, Turkey
I propose minimum three days trip in the nature for classroom in french second language. The activities ( games, escalad, theatre, art ) are based on self respect, respect the others and nature. They favorise concentration, bodylistening and cooperation. Classroom are invited to discover the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and propose and share actions to reach them.

nature trip and language learning

As a primary school public teacher and as lately a french second language teacher i feel both concerned by education and language pedagogy! I'm leaving in a perfect place to submit in the same time language lesson, connection time to the nature and group experience.

In the same time the pupil will share a community ( day and night, minimum 3 days camp ) will share engaging activity ( climbing, art, theatre, games, cooking) and will go deeper in the "living". This experience help the understanding about connection with the nature then with ourselfs and the others, it's giving confidence ans some tools to deal with the day to day life, even to succeed in exam, learn well and find energy.

What' is the place of the language learning ? All the activities are using the french, then the pupils need it to participate, it's totally an actional perspective! And it's working because it's pleasant! Of course we think "plurilinguisme" then all the back and forth are ecouraging and some activities could be bilingual ( mother and second language )

What else for growing a responsible world eco citizen ?

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nature et langues avril 2018
Nature et langues


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