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Angela Fansey
Vincent Dadzie

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Learning challenges, poor academic performance and challenges from all angles expose most students to depression, low self-esteem and stress


Ghana, Africa/ Online
We equip students to set and meet their goals, take ownership of their learning experience, seize opportunities and be masters in emotion, relationships and time management, besides attaining knowledge in their desired profession by encouraging student’s life curiosity. We are ready to go against all odds to redirect the future of our younger generation.

Ending School Dropout

Vincent Dadzie, Co-Founder and CEO
“Motivation plays a key role in whether or not we become successful in life. This rings true to all people regardless of their status, profession or age. ”

Vincent Dadzie, Co-Founder and CEO

In whatever we do, we will never succeed if we lack the will and perseverance to hurdle obstructions that get in the way. For students, motivation is essential to be able to catch up with everyday learning challenges and challenges from all angles, as well as exposing them to opportunities. 


91% of children in Ghana enroll in primary school. (Source: USAID and IDEA). Only 16% graduate with a university degree. (Source: USAID and IDEA). 

School dropout rate is very high among students in targeted areas because many young people do not have regular motivation. Young girls join sex industry for their livings while young boys get involved in drug trafficking. At the same time, learning challenges and poor academic performance expose most students to depression, low self-esteem and stress. Students show little interest in their studies; majorly due to a lack of hope in a system they believe is built only for the financially-advantaged, intellectually gifted and physically healthy people. Students in these conditions normally don’t get proper counseling. As a result, young girls drop out of school and are pre-maturely married. Young boys also engage themselves in social vices. 


Motivation2Learn is an initiative that engages students in deprived schools by changing their mind-sets through motivational talks, and exposing them to  both educational and financial opportunities they can take advantage. Our team visit various selected schools one after the other to engage and inspire students. At the end of the talk, students are allowed more time to ask questions in small groups to address issues they are facing in their academics or personal life and how they can overcome them going forward. We refer students with special needs and attention to experts for extra support. We also expose scholarship opportunities to students, where our team guides and assists the needy but brilliant students to successfully apply. Our team is ready to go against all odds to redirect the future of the younger generation for the change we seek to happen.


In addition to our onsite motivational talk engagements, Motivation2Learn also engages students through the Skype with the help of the Granny Cloud. Every week we speak with groups of students at different centers with at least 10 students at each center through the Skype. We help students to take ownership of their learning experience; developing their habits for lifelong learning, and exposing them to people and worlds beyond their context. We stimulate children’s curiosity and help them develop their confidence, encouraging collaboration with peers. (Watch a short video on how we impact here Motivation2Learn @ Granny Cloud). 

We now want to develop a fully interactive and independent Motivation2Learn website for online talks, publications, volunteering and students peer online discussions with new internet centers in Schools and communities in Ghana for students engagement online. In ten years’ time, we anticipate to have our programs running throughout the entire world for all students, especially those in the deprived and rural communities. 


To us success is that change of mindset of a child in the rural and deprived village, who have recognized that he or she has a sense of dignity, self-worth and the ability to contribute in building a global economy which is not only better but friendly to all generations to live. We have effectively and successfully organized motivational talks in numbered High Schools in Ghana to over 35,500 students' audience since inception in November 2017. We have built a uniquely collaborative team of dedicated graduates who are interested and dedicated to creating a community that encourages and engages students to flourish from various fields for voluntary engagements. 


Motivation2Learn programs are totally free for all participating schools, communities and students. One of the major challenges for implementing the program in remote and deprived schools and communities, as well as our online program is financial and online technical support to run smoothly. The following are some of the urgent materials resources needed for implementing the onsite motivational talk; Sound System, Motorcycles for easy movement to remote schools and communities, Snacks for students we engage for long period, educational network and financial support opportunities for students and a camera. 


Motivation2Learn is contributing to address a common societal problems that are embraced in the Sustainable Development Goals; “Quality education to all” and “Reduced inequality” which is widespread all over the globe and demands a sense of urgency.  


Reach out on or +233541707388 for more on how you can get involved. 

Be Content to Act, and leave the Talking to Others. - Gracian

Education is not a preparation for Life; Education is Life itself. - John Dewey

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Innovation Overview
3 - 18
Age Group
35 500
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
The following are some of the human and materials resources needed for implementing the onsite motivational talk; Sound System, Organizing Volunteers, Motorcycles for easy movement to remote schools and communities, Snacks for students we engage for long period, Motivational Speakers and Experts.
Contact information
Angela Fansey
Vincent Dadzie

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Neev Grade 7 on why people fail with Vincent Dadzie
Motivation2Learn @ Islamic Science Senior High School.
Diksha School Grade 9 discussing Gandhi Mahatma with Vincent Dadzie
I can do it by Neev Class 4 with Vincent Dadzie
Diksha School Grade 9 on Mahatma Gandhi with Vincent Dadzie


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