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How can we empower teachers and students through localized and contextual teaching- learning resources?


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MITRA is a techology intervention that aims to provide students and teachers in the state of Maharashtra access to contextual and localized teaching learning resources and foster a culture of independent and self paced learning
Abhinav Unni, Team Lead MITRA
There is a paucity of local language content in Maharashtra. Providing access to high quality digital teaching learning resources in local language can increase learner engagement significantly. Teachers engaging in the process of content creation can add tremendous value to the relevance of content.

Abhinav Unni, Team Lead MITRA


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MITRA, a friend to teachers and students!

Over the past 5 years, the number of internet users in India has grown exponentially. However, access to local language content for learning still remains a challenge.

Majority of the content available online is in English. Students and teachers find it very difficult to engage with the content when references and language used are not familiar to them. Attempts to professionally make content in local language often results in mere translation and does not account for the loss of context. 

MITRA aims to empower the already growing number of tech-savvy teachers in the state of Maharashtra, India. 

MITRA is piloting an innovation where content is created in the open source domain by tech-savvy public school teachers in the state with the support of subject experts. Content is created through workshops organized through the support of the state education department. Many of these teachers come from rural and tribal belts of the state which have a variety of cultural and linguistic contexts.

The long-term objective is to establish a community of content creators who will consistently create quality contextual content and set quality benchmarks for content through peer support and review. 

By the end of 2018 teachers will have produced 5665 unique content pieces across Marathi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Hindi and English. Content created by the teachers will be linked to QR codes that have been printed in all state textbooks for grades 1 through 10. 


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Content Creation workshops are held under the State Council for Educational Research and Training, Maharashtra which is the apex government body in the state for teacher education.Every Content Creation Workshop consists of teachers who have been selected by SCERT IT dept as tech-savvy and verified by Subject departments of SCERT as having requisite knowledge on the subject for which content is being made. Subject experts are chosen by SCERT subject departments who act as mentors, advisors and manage the content review.Content Workshop Workflow:Templatization of Concepts by Subject Experts: Subject Experts discuss the various elements that need to go into a learning lesson and enter these in templatized formats. Storyboarding: Tech Savvy Teachers and subject experts sit together and translate the templatized lesson into a storyboard which will define the flow of the learning lesson.Storyboard Review: Each teacher Presents their storyboard and feedback is given to them on the same by the subject experts to make the required corrections.Content Creation on Digital Platform: After the storyboards have been finalized teachers begin the process of digital content creation on a digital platform- this may be the DIKSHA platform, Powerpoint or other open source platforms.Digital Content Review: After the content is drafted by teachers it is reviewed online. Teachers are expected to make the necessary changes in the content based on Content Published: Once all the corrections are made based on the reviewer's comments, the content is published and linked to textbooks through QR codes.
MITRA Yatra is an initiative to reach out to various stakeholders in the education domain across all 36 districts in Maharashtra, India. It is a 3 day visit by the MITRA team to a selected district. The team interacts with students, academic and administrative officials who work closely with schools.Apart from resolving queries and collecting feedback regarding MITRA, this visit also provides MITRA team with an opportunity to learn about ground realities in schools, collect feedback from a larger audience regarding ICT implementations. We invite you to join us in our journey towards ensuring equal access to Ed-tech for all of Maharashtra's students. 


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