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How can we empower teachers and students through localized and contextual teaching- learning resources?


MITRA is a techology intervention that aims to provide students and teachers in the state of Maharashtra access to contextual and localized teaching learning resources and foster a culture of independent and self paced learning

MITRA, a friend to teachers and students!

Abhinav Unni, Team Lead MITRA
“There is a paucity of local language content in Maharashtra. Providing access to high quality digital teaching learning resources in local language can increase learner engagement significantly. Teachers engaging in the process of content creation can add tremendous value to the relevance of content.”

Abhinav Unni, Team Lead MITRA

Over the past 5 years, the number of internet users in India has grown exponentially. However, access to local language content for learning still remains a challenge.

Majority of the content available online is in English. Students and teachers find it very difficult to engage with the content when references and language used are not familiar to them. Attempts to professionally make content in local language often results in mere translation and does not account for the loss of context. 

MITRA aims to empower the already growing number of tech-savvy teachers in the state of Maharashtra, India. 

MITRA is piloting an innovation where content is created in the open source domain by tech-savvy public school teachers in the state with the support of subject experts. Content is created through workshops organized through the support of the state education department. Many of these teachers come from rural and tribal belts of the state which have a variety of cultural and linguistic contexts.

The long-term objective is to establish a community of content creators who will consistently create quality contextual content and set quality benchmarks for content through peer support and review. 

By the end of 2018 teachers will have produced 5665 unique content pieces across Marathi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Hindi and English. Content created by the teachers will be linked to QR codes that have been printed in all state textbooks for grades 1 through 10. 

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Innovation Overview
5 - 18
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Tips for implementation
MITRA: To use MITRA all you need is an android device. MITRA Content: Any open source content creation tool would work to create your own content. The MITRA team uses EkStep which is an open source content creation tool and repo. You can refer to our content guidelines in Step 4
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Workshops supporting teachers make digital content
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