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Children learning how to be the football managers of the future by developing leadership skills early on

Mini Managers

Why are football managers usually older than the players? Because children don't get the opportunity to lead teams when they are younger until now. We want to use the enthusiasm and knowledge that children have for football to help them develop key leadership and decision making skills by making them see beyond being a player of the game to being a leader, a decision-maker, a manager.
'My child was frustrated with not having the necessary skills to be on the football team and was beginning to be more excited by football games on screen rather than in real-life. This has helped to change his perspective and he has never been more excited. He is also much more understanding and appreciative of those around him.'

Parent, Shaw Wood Academy


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Updated on February 1st, 2021
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Mini Managers

We have many children who aspire not to be football players but to be football managers. They clearly have some knowledge of the game as well as some of the qualities that will enable them to be successful leaders. However, unfortunately until now they, like many other young people around the world, have not been given the opportunities to lead teams and develop their strategy skills or formation understanding because children have always been looked at as being players instead of being the managers. At Shaw Wood, we think they deserve to be given the opportunity to share their true potential which is why we are encouraging children to lead from off the field so that their team can have success on it. 

Within the Premier League, football managers are becoming more popular than ever which is why this is the perfect opportunity to encourage children to look beyond the traditional route given to them in football. How many children give up on football when they realise that they are not going to the next superstar? Well, maybe they don't have the skills on the field but they do have the knowledge, understanding and commitment off it to be inspirational leaders who could change the face of sport. 

Also, when many children begin to recognise that they are not going to be the next superstar footballer, they begin to lose interest in sport and many begin to participate less and eat more. This avenue helps children to stay involved and understand why a healthy diet is vital.


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