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Mindseed Preschools

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Producing high learning outcomes in young learners through a system of data driven personalization.

Mindseed is the world's only network of personalised preschools. Mindseed has impacted >7000 young learners through its holistic Early Education program, which develops 12 foundation skills such as language, numeracy, critical thinking and empathy using a mastery-based personalised system including teacher-parent apps, immersive classrooms and deeply researched scaffolding strategies.



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May 2021
No longer do parents need to choose between learning fast and being happy. Every child at Mindseed wildly surpasses expectations of learning while having a blast every single day!

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Between 0-5 yrs, a child will experience a learning phase that will remain forever unparalleled. Despite overwhelming evidence about the importance of skill development in these crucial years, most parents in India expect their toddler to only learn a few facts through rote, just enough to get admission in Grade 1. Instead, we want to give children the right start and make them lifelong learners.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We run a network of over 50 preschools in India with every aspect of the child's experience redesigned so that she has the opportunity to attain mastery over crucial foundation skills at her own pace.

1. Based on countless hours of first hand observations, we have designed learning pathways for 12 Foundation Skills - such as Language, Numeracy, Empathy and Critical Thinking. This forms our curriculum.
2. Our proprietary personalised learning technology, delivered through teacher and parent apps, allows each teacher to record hundreds of learning evidences per child in image/video format. This data is used to show the teacher an always updated personalised plan for every child.
3. Instead of grades, we have designed immersive classrooms for different skills where children have lots of opportunities to 'do learning' rather than to listen to the teacher talking
4. Parents are given personalised activity recommendations to continue skill development at home, making them co-teachers.

How has it been spreading?

Starting in 2013, we have grown to over 40 preschools across 4 cities in Maharashtra. Our personalised learning system has allowed us to scale effectively to 7000 young learners and over the next two years we want to double our scale.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you are a parent and want to try our program for your toddler, head over to https://www.mindseed.in/event.html and sign up for daily activities delivered right into your mailbox. If you want to partner with us to bring the full preschool experience to your community, send us an email at manjari@mindseed.in

Spread of the innovation

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