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Using Microsoft Translator app to help children teach and collaborate with one another. We would love to have others join us.

Microsoft Translator Project

Doncaster, United Kingdom
A UK school and a Finnish one are getting their children to collaborate and communicate with each other by using the app as part of an eTwinning project. The children have regular sessions where they help teach each other about specific language skills and chat. Via the app, the children type their questions in their own language, but it is translated for their peers instantaneously.

Communication through instantaneous translation

“'That was awesome!'”

What we do?

We work together with partner schools to find out about one another using the Microsoft Translator app. We use the safe space area on the app to enable the children to talk to one another securely. 

Why we do it?

Through the app, we are able to communicate and collaborate with people across the globe. We can help our children find out about the world around them, explore new perspectives, ask questions and recognise that people across the world can support their learning and help their understanding.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
Download the Microsoft Translator app. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/translator/education/ Experiment with it in the safe space area to see how you can communicate with others. Contact ourselves if you wish to communicate and collaborate with us. For more eTwinning ideas see www.etwinning.net

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If you wish to take part or find out more please email:      patrick.carroll@sky.com
Patrick Carroll
I would love to find out more about other schools in the world.
Patrick Carroll
I can't believe how easy it was. I really want to have another go.
Patrick Carroll
That was so much fun. When can we do it again?
Patrick Carroll
We helped them learn about adverbs and I'm really proud of that.
Patrick Carroll
Wow, we learnt so much!
Patrick Carroll


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