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Petro Kuzmjak school in Serbia is the unique in the world and the only where high school education can be obtained in Ruthenian language.

Meet the Unique School in the World

Ruski Krstur, Serbia
Since 2016, the Skype lesson "Meet the Unique School in the World" at Microsoft Education Community Web site attracted many schools from all over the world to hear the story about 15 thousands Ruthenians in Serbia and more than 260 years long tradition of education in their language. The lesson sends strong message about importance of bilingual education and benefits of speaking a micro language.

Meet the Unique School in the World

Natalija Budinski, teacher of mathematics
“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom. - Roger Bacon”

Natalija Budinski, teacher of mathematics

What we do?

"Meet the Unique School in the World" is Skype lesson published on Microsoft Education Community website, where teachers and students from all over the world connect with our classroom and talk with us about our language, culture, and tradition, but also about contemporary topics and trends. Skype is free tool and easy for use, and as we are small school in the rural area, that is very convenient way to access to classrooms all over the world. School is unique in the world because it is the only school in the world where students can get high school education in Ruthenian language. Ruthenian language is spoken by Ruthenian minority, which counts about 15 thousand people in Serbia, but there are Ruthenians in other parts of the world. Education in Ruthenian language in Serbia has long tradition of over 260 years. Today, in our school we follow modern curriculum, apply technology in education and participate in many different activities. Education in Ruthenian language, as well in other minorities languages, is supported by the Serbian government. Also, students write blog posts in different languages in order to introduce our school to the world.

Why we do it?

We are small community, but access to modern technology gives us the possibility to share our story. Despite all global trends, small group of students chose to educate in their mother Ruthenian tongue and in that way one micro language is kept alive. Benefits of bilingualism are very well known, and we want to share our story and show it to the world. We believe that uncommon examples, such as our is, could inspire others, bring new ideas and develop communication and connections among young people. 

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Petro Kuzmjak school students connect with classrooms all over the world and share their story about being bilingual and encourage others with their own example others to use languages. Information and Skype availability is shared trough social media and Microsoft, but also in direct contact.
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Changemaker Series| Microsoft EDU
"Meet the Unique School in the World" and use of Skype presented in Serbian Government
"Meet the Unique School in the World" presented at E2 in Singapore


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Join to the Microsoft Education Community or any other community of teachers. Create a lesson that you can share via Skype and share the information about your availability and goals that can be achieved with the lesson.
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Join us and "Meet the Unique School in the World"
If you want to find out more about our experience on bilingualism do not hesitate to contact us, visit us or propose a collaboration.
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