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LyricsTraining is a service for learning languages in a fun and innovative way through music, videos and song lyrics.

We promote language learning through music, videos and lyrics, in a fun way in a game where users interact while the video is playing. It's very easy and fun! All you have to do is play a song of your choice and listen closely to fill in the missing words in the song lyrics, by selecting the correct option.


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Target group
January 2020
Learning is most successful when it involves only a limited amount of stress, when students are relaxed and confident and enjoying their learning.

About the innovation

Music And Language Learning

We want users to forget that they are learning languages and to focus on just enjoying the music while playing the game and having fun. We believe that the true acquisition of a language must be an almost unconscious process.

LyricsTraining not only improves quickly the listening comprehension but it also expands the vocabulary by learning new words and expressions, improving the reading comprehension and boosting the grammar skills.

Listening to different accents and intonations helps the brain become more flexible and adaptable so that it can recognize different sounds of a new language.

By singing along while listening to the songs and following the lyrics, pronunciation will also be improved.

Apart from musical content, there is a lot of different content available on LyricsTraining to choose from: movie clips, TV shows, talks, etc.

Spread of the innovation

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