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Localized, Contextualized and Indiginized Strategic Intervention Material (SIM) - LCI SIM-BAKAS

place Philippines

SIM-BAKAS or Baul ng Kasaysayan (History Box) is a localized, contextualized and indiginized instructional material

SIM-BAKAS or Baul ng Kasaysayan (History Box) is a localized, contextualized and indiginized instructional material to address the difficulties of the students in understanding and mastering the least mastered competencies in Social Studies. It is composed of 36 localized, contextualized, indigenized activities following the 2C-2I-1R pedagogical approaches.


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November 2018
At times, you need to take the initiative and enthusiastically engage in your work so that others will naturally want to rally around you. This is what we call working at the center of the vortex.

About the innovation

Why Localized, Contextualized and Indiginized SIM?

The primary goal of teaching is to provide appropriate and effective instruction to students. Thus, a teacher is responsible to devise and provide necessary instructional materials (IM) in teaching Social Studies (SS). Teaching SS is more productive when there is available, sufficient, and strategically designed instructional materials suited for the different types of students. Also, teachers must consider the students‘ needs and their approaches to learning. Moreover, according to Dahar (2011), developing instructional materials play an integral role in the teaching – learning process and it has a strong relationship with academic performance of the students

Using localized materials in instructional material (IM) will enhance the creativity of the IM developer and will lessen the cost of the IM. On the other hand, using contextualized and indiginized IM will easily understand the students of the concept being taught especially if the students are not familiar with some words. This problem always encountered by some teachers in teaching Social Studies especially in the country that English is not their primary language.

Implementation steps

Development of Guide Card

The guide card stimulated the students’ interest on the topic discussed and gave a preview of what they would learn. It presented the skill focus that mentioned the learning competency, the three subtasks or activities and the concrete outcome or product students are expected to demonstrate or produce.

Development of Activity Card

Once your done in developing an explosion box. Every part of the explosion box should contained localized, contextualized and indiginized activities in line with learning competencies. As I said, you will maximize every corner and space of the explosion box including the cover, side of the box, corner of the box, and back of the box.

Development of Assessment Card

Aside from the activities. You will include gamed-based assessment in your explosion box that will assess what the students learned from the previous activities.

Development of Enrichment Card
Aside from the activities and game-based assessment, you have to include also practical activities which involve applications of the topic in their daily life.
Development of Reference card
This part should be in the form of pop-up book and should in the pocket of the box. This part may be used by the students for additional information concerning the topic covered.

Spread of the innovation

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