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Children attend their local daycare centre or school, where they can receive the services and support they need

Local daycare and school

Helsinki, Finland
The idea behind the principle of children attending their local daycare centre and school is to treat all children equally, enable their participation in local activities, and make friends in the neighbourhood. When selecting a local daycare centre or school, the key issue is that the child receives the necessary services and support as close to home as possible. A child's local daycare centre or school may also be determined on the basis of where the child's inclusive services can best be provided.

What is Local daycare and school?

“Pupils learn from an early age that we are different, learn in different ways and at varying speeds, but can still do things together, form a community and learn together.”

Anne Savolainen, teacher

Each child has the right to be cared for and educated close to home. Pre-primary and basic education is free. Early childhood education and care and basic education must promote equality between children and prevent social exclusion. Education must be accessible and provide all children with the possibility to attain the related skills. The facts and skills children learn enhance participation, active membership, long-term friendships, taking initiative to ensure safety, and promote exercise and healthy life choices.

Care and education are organised appropriately and flexibly by a joint decision. Learning environments are modified, and teaching makes use of flexible groups, co-teaching and staff competences, taking each child's needs into account.

Schools have nurses, social workers and psychologists, and part-time special needs teachers to cater for each child's individual needs. Any support measures are planned, implemented and assessed by a multidisciplinary team. To ensure a smooth learning path, it is crucial to have a proper plan for the transitions between early childhood education and care and pre-primary and basic education. If necessary, a special needs assistant may be appointed for a pupil.

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Innovation Overview
1 - 18
Age Group
100 000
Tips for implementation
Multidisciplinary team and cooperation is necessary when planning every learners care and education. Learning environments and teaching must be modified based on every learners individual needs.

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