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LINKKI, the simplest tool for kinetic design

location_on Helsinki, Finland

LINKKI is a simple kinetic construction kit and a STEAM learning tool

LINKKI is an open-source construction kit and learning tool for kinetic design. Its simple, modular and gender-neutral design lowers the entrance barrier to STEM learning and allows users to play and learn seamlessly across art and science. LINKKI workshops have been widely organized in a number of institutions such as science museums, schools and libraries, both in Finland and abroad.


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Target group
November 22nd, 2022
Sketch mechanical movements just like you draw on the paper!
Eun Young Park (Designer and Founder)

About the innovation

The simplest kinetic/robotic learning tool ever!

LINKKI is a construction kit and STEAM learning tool for kinetic/robotic design. Its simple, modular and gender-neutral design lowers the entrance barrier to STEM learning and allows users to play and learn seamlessly across art and science. It has received many positive feedbacks internationally through a number of workshops and exhibitions, among others, at the Exploratorium(US) and Heureka science center (Finland), Helsinki Design Week, and schools and libraries in Finland. Most distinct of all, LINKKI  provides not only a physical product but also the context of playful learning experience with accompanying guide materials and creative community around it.


LINKKI workshops at schools, libraries and museums
2018 Aalto Junior (Espoo, Finland)2018 Arabian Peruskoulu (Helsinki, Finland)2018 Espoo library network Paja (Espoo, Finland)2018 Helsinki Design Week 2018, Aalto Studios (Espoo, Finland)2017 ACT Festival 2017, Asia Culture Center (Gwangju, Korea)2017 Heureka Science Center (Vantaa, Finland) 2016 The Tinkering Studio at The Exploratorium (SF, US)2016 Bay Area Maker Faire (San Mateo, US)2015 Espoo Mini Maker Faire (Espoo, Finland)2015 Artience Lab (Daejeon, Korea)
A new online courseware was published!
Design with Movement is an online courseware about kinetic/robotic design for students, makers and educators. 'Appendix: For Educators' provides activity ideas for teachers in a museum/library/school and 'Projects' works as a platform for peer learning. 
Newly added LINKKI activities and workbooks
Since LINKKI was designed, creative learning activities have been developed and workbooks were published for workshops. In addition to the precedent activities such as drawing and storytelling, Kinetic ABC is the most recent activity developed and exhibited in TypoCraft exhibition at Helsinki Design Week 2019. While designing the characters of different languages, students are encouraged to understand the building blocks of letters. 
Can I buy the LINKKI kit? Not yet, unfortunately. However, I would keep you posted on the availability  if there is any in the future via FB Group.  Can I download LINKKI design to make one for myself or our students?Yes if you are an individual, either you are an educator or a hobbyist, who wants to use this for a non-commercial purpose. Can I download LINKKI design to make many of them for selling?No. The copyrights on LINKKI and its guide materials belong to Eun Young Park. Using this design for a commercial purpose infringes the copyrights. Can we host the workshop in our school, institution, or event?Yes. I provide services of workshops and teacher training. However, the service fee and transportation cost should be covered. Do you bring LINKKI along with you when organizing the workshop?Yes. There are tools for less than 20 participants. Otherwise, the additional fabrication should be discussed  beforehand. Can you help us with fabricating tools?I'm afraid not. All the information about material and fabrication can be found at the homepage.Can we make an installation with LINKKI or can you make one for us?Yes. LINKKI is not only a learning tool but a medium for art. You can combine multiple boards to make a kinetic wall collaboratively or I can make a new installation for your event. (The artist fee should be negotiated in advance.)

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