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Linguajoy Language Clubs

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Innovative Language Learning Experiences!

Linguajoy Language Clubs is a leading Finnish Foreign Language School that provides innovative language learning experiences for children and adults. We believe that language is an instrument that needs a cultural context. Our courses are designed to help students grow both in- and outside of the classroom, and our native teachers offer a genuine experience in pronunciation and culture!



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November 22nd, 2022
Easy, fun, beneficial - Children learn foreign languages like child's play!
Henrietta Kvist, Founder, CEO

About the innovation

Multisensory, intercultural and fun language courses!

Language gives you more than just a skill, it gives you a new lens through which to see the world. The name Linguajoy reflects our philosophy: learning a language (lingua) is a great joy!

The innovative language learning experiences at Linguajoy Language Clubs Ltd have delighted children and adults since 2015. With nine languages, an international network and staff of native-language teachers from across the globe, and a vast array of language courses taking place at schools, daycares, playgrounds and our studio, we are here to help you explore the exciting world of languages.

We apply multisensory learning strategies to our pedagogical method. When we learn using multiple senses simultaneously, it helps long-term memory engage with new languages. Through functional games, music, arts, crafts, drama and movement, our method of teaching is 100% encouraging, energetic and inspirational. 

We believe in a holistic approach:

  • Language is an instrument that needs a cultural context. That is why we get acquainted with the local manners, food culture, nature, society and traditions of the target language
  • Native-language teachers offer a genuine experience in pronunciation and culture.

Having roots in a small Nordic country means we find foreign languages a key to the world, especially given the long-standing tradition of bilingual education in Finland, which has both Finnish and Swedish as official languages. Finnish education carries a strong belief in introducing foreign languages early on in students’ educational path. 

Our mission is to share knowledge of the unique language learning sensitivity period in the child's brain, which makes learning new languages easy and fun. The key is to start as early as possible. We encourage families to trial different languages, as a way to expand the student's phonics map. Why not start with for example Mandarin as a toddler, add a bit of Spanish on the side and explore German and English a bit later! 

Linguajoy Language Clubs is your partner in language and intercultural training. To provide the best learning experiences possible, we closely follow the science of linguistics and constantly develop:

  • Linguajoy core Curriculum and Lesson plans
  • Linguajoy Workbooks 
  • Linguajoy Podcasts - to keep learning on the go
  • We also offer international Language Immersion Summer Camps and “Travel the World with Confidence” -leisure language courses for adults as well as LinguajoyPro language training services for organisations!

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