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The LIFTS center, based on the MdCM, offers a world-innovation in the area of pedagogy and planning promoting future thinking literacy.

Learning In Future Thinking Societies (LIFTS) Center

Marker Haifa, Israel
The Multidimensional Curriculum Model (MdCM) (Vidergor, 2018) offers a systematic framework for conceptualizing learning and designing curricula for all grade levels and school types. The model invites students to explore multi/transdisciplinary issues from personal, global and time perspectives in LIFTS Centers offering blended learning environments promoting future thinking.

What is Learning In Future Thinking Societies (LIFTS) Center?

“"Design of the learning environment is crucial, but is not enough. Learning at a LIFTS Center has to be supported by MdCM as the main curriculum design model enabling students to experience Project Based Learning, Problem Based Learning and phenomenon Based Learning, develop their thinking skills and creativity, and think about the future. Sharing ideas about the near or far future with peers or other audiences will form collaborations and will result in innovative projects for the benefit of the local community, sometimes having national or even international impact. " (Vidergor, 2018, p.14) "A LIFTS Center at school visited by every student at least once a week for several hours could promote student ability, knowledge, motivation and learning strategies. Systematic thinking about the future in many areas using various tools will prepare students become independent thinkers, confident in their ability, and having a sense of control in life." (Vidergor, 2018, p.14)”

Hava Vidergor, senior lecturer, Gordon Academic College of Education

LIFTS Centers applying the Multidimensional Curriculum Model will help students realize their potential, practicing project and problem based learning, inquiry, developing scientific, creative and future thinking in communities of learning. Each student can progress and develop  in an up-to-date personalized environment using relevant technologies. 

The MdCM was developed based on my vast experience as a teacher and recognition that students need to be challenged, taught differently, and deserve to be better prepared for our constantly changing world.  Research on the MdCM's effectiveness has shown gains in thinking skills in general, and especially future thinking, knowledge, learning strategies and motivation compared to traditional learning. 

The LIFTS Center offering a flexible blended learning environment, is the up-to-date space enabling such learning. While learning students work in different settings of groups, as well as reach out to the community sharing knowledge and ideas. Projecting them selves into the future (near or far) according to their choice, envisioning the development of an issue/product/phenomenon from the past to the present, understanding processes connections between processes, and looking for trends, students will acquire future thinking literacy. This innovative way of thinking and teaching in a suitable LIFTS environment  constitutes the meaningful learning equipping students with the much needed skills and cognitive abilities to prepare and cope with the future. 

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Intended Outcomes
8 - 18
Age Group
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