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Program for strengthening reading and writing skills developed by the Fundación Bancolombia in agreement with the Fundación Alberto Merani.


Develop a methodology for the improvement of communication skills in rural educational institutions in Colombia through support to educational communities and provision of school libraries. This, to generate awareness and understanding regarding the incidence of reading and writing in the teaching and learning processes in remote areas of the territory.

Reading and writing are tools for children to advance their lives and better understand reality

What we do?

The Las Letras van por Colombia programme provides on-site support to rural educational institutions in the country to develop training workshops for teachers, students and parents. These face-to-face meetings are structured on the basis of the needs and themes raised for each of the populations. In the case of teachers, training meetings are held with teachers from all areas of the curriculum where, in addition to making theoretical clarifications, Important discussion and debate scenarios are held in which knowledge is jointly built around the strategies used to enhance reading compression skills and writer production.

With respect to students, due to the different levels of learning of children, children and young people, the face-to-face sessions are adapted to the specific themes of each grade and the skills that are intended to be enhanced around reading and writing. The training meetings with the student population are also based on: the socialization of practical strategies of reading comprehension based on the "Modelo del Lector Óptimo", discussion scenarios on the importance of communication skills and the impact of communication skills on access to better living conditions.

Finally, in the case of parents, because of the specific characteristics of rural populations, formation meetings have a more affective emphasis where parents are made aware of the importance of reading inside the home and how they can develop simple methodologies to encourage this habit in their children. 

Why we do it?

Reading and writing are essential axes for learning and improving school performance, taking into account that in all areas of knowledge, the communicative skills that are part of social practice are read and written and that through them are constituted. Better learning implies permanence in the educational system, effective transitions to higher educational levels and, in the long term, inclusive, equitable and quality education. Similarly, better communication skills mean the foundations for building societies in which relations of respect for social, ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as for the environment and the environment, are fostered, promoting scenarios for the recognition of the other, with the aim of promoting peaceful societies in which well-being is expressed in human and sustainable development.

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We implement a pedagogical and didactic methodology of reading comprehension (Modelo del Lector Óptimo) through the training of teachers in all curricular areas, parents and students from institutional reading projects and provision of school libraries in rural public schools

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