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Ladder Internships

Making high-quality startup internship opportunities to high school students around the world!

Founded by Harvard entrepreneurs, Ladder Internships was founded with the mission to help the most talented high school interns work with the world’s most ambitious start-ups. We do that by selecting the best interns, training them, and pairing them with world-class start-ups. Our start-up founders are ambitious and care about young professionals.


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November 2023
At Ladder Internships, our hope is to change education by giving high school students a chance to learn through real work. We want to see a world where students get the resources, like coaching and guidance, to grow into confident professionals. Our program is about doing actual work with top startups, which helps students turn what they've learned in school into skills they can use on the job.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Ladder was founded with the mission to create a bridge for talented, ambitious high-school students to work with world class start-ups. Our goal is to give our interns all the resources they need to succeed as young professionals - training from our founder's time at McKinsey, coaching from world-class coaches, and managers who care about their success.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Ladder Internships offers high school students a unique entry into the startup world. Our rigorous selection process - including a written application and an interview - identifies standout candidates who exhibit both academic excellence and a drive for innovation. Applicants undergo interviews to assess their compatibility with our high-caliber startup partners, including those led by Harvard alumni and Y-Combinator graduates. Chosen interns engage directly with founders and teams at the companies to contribute to substantial projects, ensuring real-world experience and professional growth. They also benefit from professional development sessions with SparkWise, preparing them for a future in the professional world. With Ladder, students step into challenging roles, turning potential into professional success.

How has it been spreading?

Over the past year, Ladder Internships has received 600+ applications worldwide. We've welcomed over 100 interns from 18 different countries, collaborating with over 50 startups that are ready to mentor and nurture new talent. Committed to accessibility, we've also distributed over $50,000 in financial aid to empower ambitious students on their professional journeys.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To learn more about our offerings visit our website. To sign up for the program, fill out the application form on the website by selecting 'Apply Now'. If you have any questions or wish to get in touch, email us at contact@ladderinternships.com.

Implementation steps

Visit our website
Start by visiting the our website - https://www.ladderinternships.com/ to understand our offerings, eligibility criteria, and the kind of startups we partner with.
Complete the Application
Fill out the application form available on our website - https://airtable.com/appx1OFdMpDfxtEkR/shrNdEykWdhc4yeSv. Be prepared to provide information about your educational background, interests, and any relevant experience. Take your time to write thoughtful responses to our application questions!
Interview Process
If you are selected and invited for the next round with the Ladder team (i.e. the interview round), prepare for an interview. Use this opportunity to help the team understand your goals, motivations and aspirations and what you hope to gain from this experience.
Acceptance and Matching
Once accepted into the program, you will be requested to pay an initial deposit fee of $200 before you are matched with a startup that aligns with your interests and skills. The team will then share the company's profile with you, if you wish to proceed with the offered match, you will be required to pay the remaining full tuition amount which can be either $1790, $4600 or $5400 depending on the program you pick.
Start Your Internship:
Begin the internship with your chosen company. To get the most out of this experience, stay proactive, seek feedback, and build your network within the startup community.

Spread of the innovation

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