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location_on Soacha, Colombia

Creative lab

Labzuca is a creative lab created within Fundacion Tiempo de Juego, in Soacha: a municipality on the outskirts of Bogota characterized by its slum neighborhoods and multiple social problems. Children and young people from these neighborhoods receive weekly training on audiovisual production, writing, musical production, etc. Four years ago, they realized they could start a social business.


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November 22nd, 2022
Es hora de pasar la página y volver a apoyar estrategias que quieran aportar a que este posconflicto sea menos sangriento y doloroso.
Andres Wiesner, Labzuca Director

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Every day the communications field is growing and getting stronger, with social media, news, and fake news run fast and we are constantly receiving information. The communications collective in Cazuca decided to create a start-up to write new narratives about their neighborhood and other vulnerable communities that are strongly stigmatized, but that have lots of hidden talents to show.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Labzuca is a media producer made up of young people that were born in vulnerable communities and territories full of social problems. Children and young people receive weekly training in audiovisual, radio, and musical production. Gradually, young people who receive these training sessions start doing practical works, supporting content development, taking pictures, recording podcasts, etc. When have legal age, they can be part of the start-up that creates content for national and international partners. Labzuca has made videos, radio programs, newspapers, among others, where young people take leadership on the content and development of it.

How has it been spreading?

Right now, Labzuca operates in Soacha; nevertheless, for more than two years, it has provided content production training to other vulnerable communities (youth in the juvenile justice centers, territories beaten by the Colombian armed conflict, among others). For the next three years, we expect to have a network all around Colombia made up of young enthusiasts on technology, audiovisual production, content production, and education in general. By providing these training sessions, Labzuca will be able to make videos, radio, or writing products all around Colombia and reach the most isolated territories in the country to keep promoting transformation.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Anyone who wants to receive communications training may contact labzuca, also, it provides audiovisual services for many businesses and other organizations in the non-profit sector.

Spread of the innovation

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