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Let Kids of all ages be a part of community conservation projects such as helping a town or city design a solar array.

Kids Help The World

Hope ME U.S.A
We all Know about the climate crisis and we know that us kids will be the next ones to deal with this extreme problem so why is no one teaching us how to help there are a lot of people who do things but it's not enough we have to be united as a world and as a people wall the best way to do this in my mind is not have long lectures. but have hands on experiences we need to be in the conversations.

What is Kids Help The World?

we need to help are planet and the people of the world we can do both by letting the the kids of today be better grown ups of tomorrow by letting us participate in things that are all ready helping the planet ,animals and people. We (Kids) should have a bigger say in the way are world is going. but you are the only one who can help us. 
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