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Creating a community of happy, healthy and active children

Kids Collab

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Kids Collab and their team of healthcare professionals have developed an online digital platform that provides educators and parents with age-appropriate, knowledge-based activities for children aged 3-9 years. The programme focuses on fundamental movement skills, healthy habit building and mindfulness which can be easily introduced at school or home.
Activating bodies and minds

Kids Collab Co-Founder and Director


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Updated on August 9th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Globally, less than 20 percent of children and youth achieve the minimum recommendations for physical activity; there are now more children who are overweight and obese than those who are under-nourished or stunted. Engagement in physical activity and wellbeing interventions have the potential to assist children in all spheres including mental health, social and emotional wellbeing and self-worth.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Kids Collab have developed an Online Digital Platform that provides educators, parents and families with activities, knowledge and resources, to help place focus on physical activity, fundamental movement skills, mindfulness and wellbeing. We have two components, mainly our Kids Collab Parent Portal and our Kids Collab School Portal. Our programmes are designed in conjunction with a team of healthcare professionals who provide age-appropriate, knowledge-based content. We are currently focusing on children ages 2-9, focusing on the primary developmental years. In conjunction with the online element, we also run community initiatives that provide children access to fundamental development skills through fun and engaging community park sessions.

How has it been spreading?

- Conducted research in Melbourne Australia for 3 months, testing fundamental movement skills in 1000 children ages 3-6 years
- Piloted the school portal with 3 schools in South Africa- reaching 15 by year-end
- Currently securing a corporate partnership, offering the Kids Collab parent portal to parent employees as part of a wellbeing strategy.
- Currently working on funding proposals for scalable impact solutions
Roadmap over the next year
-Working alongside a group in Botswana called Learn to Play in order to collaborate on an early years solution for disadvantaged communities- trialling in Sept-Dec 2022
- 1-year pilot project of Kids Collab School Solution to prove its scalability. The pilot year would involve 20 schools using the programme from various socio-economic backgrounds

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Kids Collab can be accessed by parents and educators worldwide.
Parent Portal Access: see the home programme, visit our website to see a demo ( and sign up if you wish to have access.
School Portal Access: contact we would love to see Kids Collab in various settings and contexts.


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April 2022
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