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JUMP League Esports

Be a Better Gamer

JUMP League gives young teens and pre-teens a healthy leaping off point into the world of esports. Guided by Esports Professionals, JUMP League kids will experience real esports training, and learn to play the games that are right for them, with guidance that will set them off on the right foot to become better players- Junior Ultimate Master Players- and better understand this growing space.


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Target group
Students upper
April 2024
We are hoping to see the older generation accept that gaming is a huge part of youth culture, and make esports a more common co-curricular offering, allowing students to not just learn tech in theory through courses like coding, but actually engage in 'applied tech'. By approaching digital technology through gaming, we hope to expose the digital future to young people in ways relevant to them.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Our Vision
A world where children can confidently interact with online games safely, and explore the eSports landscape for today and the future.

Our Mission
To create tomorrow's leaders in the digital gaming world,
by providing a place for children to play, learn, and socialise through games, while introducing the world of competitive eSports to them in a positive and safe environment.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

We run esports classes and tournaments for pre-teens and young teens, catching them at a time when they are just discovering online game play, and helping to steer them to age-appropriate esports games, and safer environments online. Each of our classes teaches students both in-game skills from actual Esports Pro Players, and knowledge to be a better gamer, such as player physical and mental health, hardware and software, such as how to build a gaming computer, or set up a server, team skills and leadership skills.

We run classes in person to help these students form real-life friendships, and improve their social-emotional learning. End-of-term tournaments give students a chance to test their skills, and how they perform under pressure, as well as meet students from other schools who are a part of our esports community.

Our curriculum can run throughout the year, with fresh lessons that range across our topics, starting at beginner-level, and becoming deeper as the year goes on.

How has it been spreading?

We have been spreading through word of mouth from schools and parents that are happy with our programme, to other schools and organisations. Often, these are IT Teachers and Heads of Technology who see the value in adding esports to their offerings, and understand how large and fast-growing the gaming market is.

We also meet potential schools at Ed Tech conferences, such as BETT, and EduTech.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To get started with us, please contact us at: or visit our website,

Implementation steps

Offering JUMP League Esports Classes
JUMP League classes can be led by Esports Pro Players, or tech-friendly teaching staff. We offer curriculum material for both sets of potential class leaders. A school that wants to offer our classes can:
1) Contact us to discuss their needs
2) Arrange training
3) Start classes!

Spread of the innovation

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