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hsiao-wei yang

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IPOWER involves young people in mapping out their own learning opportunities and career advancement in rural communities.


iPOWER! youth empower fellow students to develop leadership qualities and explore social entrepreneurial skills. For example, IPOWER has successfully put on theater performances, art exhibitions, and catering services among other sustainability efforts with the goal of bridging community resources together and ultimately becoming active citizens of the world.

Youth = Innovation, Persistent, Organizing, Work, Entrepreneurship, Revitalization

Hsiao-wei Yang,  CEO IPOWER Alliance
“ The culture of learning is affected by social, economic, and political contexts. Offering educational choices and inviting learners as active providers are ways to revive these conditioned contexts.”

Hsiao-wei Yang, CEO IPOWER Alliance

What we do?

Our center focuses on alleviating poverty through our job exploration program and youth-led initiatives. Our team of experts uses their experience to develop our youth-led programs in rural communities in Taiwan. We provide young people with educational choices and crafting their skills for local and global job markets.

Why we do it?

ILO (International Labor Organization) published the global youth unemployment rate stands at 13%, which is three times higher than the figure for adults. The concept of IPOWER was first created in New York City. We take on the greatest challenges that are facing many of the world's countries today. Issues such as inadequate human capital investment and high unemployment rates among youth are tackled with our innovative curriculum. 

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Innovation Overview
10 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
We believe that local jobs and natural resources are the foundation for building a sustainable rural community. Firstly, assess the needs of the youth how they maneuver their lives. They would take the steps of recognizing what they would need to be an active community member.
Contact information
hsiao-wei yang

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IPOWER—— Empowerment in cross-generational influences
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