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Inventionland Institute is a STEAM-based curriculum designed to encourage students to create real-world solutions to everyday problems.

Inventionland Institute Curriculum

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Inventionland Institute’s courseware brings innovation and collaboration into the classroom. Using state-of-the-art technology, students enter a world of hands-on, project-based learning that teaches real-world knowledge needed to succeed in the classroom and in life. This innovative approach to learning fosters better attendance, attitude, and achievement, and helps to build kids’ self a-STEAM.
It's interesting to see that (because of this course) we might have students who end up becoming legitimate inventors. Through the process of the innovation course, I saw one student actually change as a person. He was someone who was very quiet, very timid...He has grown in leaps and bounds. Not only in his confidence and perseverance, but also in the skills that kids need to have for employability. Seeing him organize himself and manage himself through the project was really impressed. I was so impressed with the way it changed him as a learner.

Mandy Figlioli, Curriculum Specialist, Burgettstown School District


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Real-World Inventing with Real-World Student Outcomes

Through our years of Researching, Inventing, and Making/Prototyping, we've found that the typical school model of teachers lecturing and students memorizing facts simply doesn't work for a lot of students. Though some may excel at left-brain-only learning, those right-brained students whose strength lies in creativity are being left behind. We decided it was time to restructure the classroom model, creating a course that allows all different types of learners have a place to excel. This was how the Inventionland Institute Innovation Course was born. 

The Inventionland Institute Innovation Course teaches students problem-solving, creativity, and real-world entrepreneurial/enterprising skills critical to their future success after K-12 schooling. Rather than using the typical classroom models of lecturying or memorizaiton, we put students in charge of their own education. This is a standards-aligned course that allows students to gain skills that get them ready not only for college and careers, but also for life.

During the course, students ahve one objective: find a problem and create an invention to solve it. For the duration of class, students learn how to use observational skills, develop ideas, research, design, create, package and present their original inventions.


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