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Case-lesson is a comprehensive educational technology developed according to a multi vector algorithm: Standard curriculum + Competences.

Integrated Case lessons

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Case lesson is a unique learning material structured in a special format. It consists of 6-10 scans that reflect topics of a school curriculum and related information outside it. Cases are designed to enhance knowledge and develop competences. The information in each section answers to questions: • How does it work? • What are the units of associated knowledge? • What will student get as a result
Vladimir Spivakovsky, Founder of "Edu Future"
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Vladimir Spivakovsky, Founder of "Edu Future"


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Integrated Case lessons

What we do?

We created 500 integrated case lessons instead of boring disciplines to improve the abilities of students to learn and succeed.  

For this purpose, we organized Edu Future 7W education platform for innovations where progressive learning materials downloaded for the K-12 schools. Now thousands of schools worldwide use our integrative case lessons.  

Why we do it?

We realized a dream of parents, kids and educators creating progressive educational environment, accelerating the best world's technologies and implementing the best information processing.

Case-lessons along with studying of various topics allow involving pupils’ soft skills smoothly. This is a creative method with intrigue, drama, script and choices, which is impossible to achieve in standard classes. Discussions which arise when working with case studies are of special value. When developing a case-lessons time flies quickly, that positively affects motivation of pupils and their desire to study other case studies.

It is also important that the result of studying lies in a long-term memory. This is due to associative thinking and formal and informal relations between the studied presentations.

75% of teachers note that case-lessons improve educational activity and get better remembering. Teachers don't waste time to prepare case lessons, because they are ready to use.

69% of the students note that cases are more intriguing and fascinating than ordinary text books. During the case lesson there are no problems with discipline in the classroom because attention is concentrated. The only question they ask is "When will we study the next case lesson again?". Moreover it allows to combine students' IQ and EQ.


• Education Platform Edu Future 7W

• Animation case lesson

• Tapaus oppitunti "Matkapuhelin on minun kaikkeni!" 

• Case lesson "Smartphone means everything to me" 

• Practical application of case technologies – test "Nice child"


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