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By 40 minutes of a class to solve students' problems with whom are happy to study

Instant offline teaching information feedback system

1. By "Brian Favorite" chart, to form student study groups, so that students will help each other in the group. 2. By using a series of information system to feed back instantly and exchange among students and teacher to identify and resolute students' learning obstacles.

What's the Instant Offline Teaching Information Feedback System?

“We have built a system which allows teachers to get immediate feedback in classes.”

Xuchu Feng, Teacher of Number 7th High School of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

Project Objective: To solve the problems in class(within 40 minutes). No extra work needed. No students left behind.

Background: In order to pursue high grades, school abandon students with low test scores. For the same reason, lots of students take extra hours of academic trainings to improve their exam performance. In that case, there are less and less communications among peers. Students are losing their interest of free development.

Excellence: We have built a system which allows teachers to get immediate feedback in classes. The system assures teachers to motivate students in any teaching sections, to capture students' reactions and to react immediately. Therefore the system has successfully increased students' efficiency in class. People also call it " a system which gives students no time to be distracted" and " under that system, people can't tell if the students are good or bad".

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Intended Outcomes
5 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
We need more people knows this system, to changing teaching effect in classroom.

See this innovation in action.

Students in one group are discussing how to answer questions.
Every group, everybody can join in class
Information card make communication happened.


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Divide into Groups
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Instant Feedback System
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Rating System
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