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A comprehensive K-12 school transformation program that places bio/mental/emotional health at the foundation of all educational programs.

Indigo Schools Project

location_on Chimaltenango, Guatemala
A model that integrates the acquisition of social-emotional skills with academic excellence. This is to be done working on four angles of the problem: (1) a solid foundation of bio/mental/emotional health, (2) the use of project based learning including exploration, art, and play,(3) an emphasis in language skills and (4) using a STEAM approach to transfer science and technology skills.
Julio Salazar - Founder and member of the Board of Directors of Fundacion Rose
Pick a village, plant a school, establish mental health, mentor children, motivate parents, activate the community, generate transformation, replicate.

Julio Salazar - Founder and member of the Board of Directors of Fundacion Rose


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Updated on November 19th, 2021
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Our purpose

What we do?

The Indigo Schools Project adds value to any K-12 school system and to society as a whole. This value is in the form of enhanced human potential and valuable life skills. 

Here are a few areas where the project adds value:

  • Self-regulation, self-esteem and social skills. Our students learn to recognize, name and accept their emotions. They also learn ways to express and regulate these emotions appropriately and develop social skills like empathy, listening, cooperation, assertiveness and conflict resolution.
  • Language skills in Spanish. Our students who graduate from our program read 2,000,000 words each year and develop writing and public speaking skills.
  • Language skills in English. Indigo Schools guarantee that children graduate with a CEFR B2 level of English proficiency as a minimum. This alone will give a person in Guatemala an edge for more and better employment.
  • Science and Math skills. Indigo schools promote and enhance in children their natural curiosity and desire to experiment and find out how things work. As a result, a higher than average number of our graduates pursue scientific and engineering careers.
  • Digital Citizenship. Our students grow up using technology in all aspects of their academic learning. They also learn the responsible use of it and they acquire profitable skills such as coding and website design and optimization.

Why we do it?

The effect of this initiative is to reduce the incidence of mental/emotional dysfunction in children and adolescents with the added value of a program that will transfer to them valuable life skills.

There are no schools in Guatemala that utilize anything resembling the program we are proposing at Fundacion Rose. Our traditional educational system only focuses on testable skills in math and language. By focusing on the whole being our program creates an extraordinary environment where students and teachers can reach their highest potential.   


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