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Inclusion means that the management, staff, educators & the parent community get together & build an inclusive society for our 21st century.

Inclusion Matters, Inclusion Works

Pune, India
In India alone, there are 12M children with disability but only 1% are in school. The remainder are at home, or suffocated in a mainstream school that don't know how to accept them. For solution, we are looking at an Inclusive School Education route for children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, slow learners, down syndrome, mild autism or cerebral palsy who can be in mainstream schools.

What is Inclusion Matters, Inclusion Works?

Sunderji’s Global Academia is an education centric institution since 1996. Founder Members Ms Jena Sunderji, Ms Malek Sunderji and Ms Zarina Sunderji along with Founder Member and Director Mrs Masarrat Tavawalla have created an optimal learning environment for students, and also understands that each student learns differently. Living up to its motto of ‘Educating, Enlightening & Empowering’, we believe in youth empowerment, as they will be the influential leaders of positive change.

Under Sunderji’s Global Academia banner there is an inclusive kindergarten, Sunderji Nursery School. We also have a special school, Sunderji Institute of Special School, from K1 – Grade 12 dealing with children on the wide disability spectrum. To support children with mixed disabilities, Sunderji Early Intervention Centre is established that provides Remedial Education and Therapies on one-to-one basis. To complement it Sunderji Teachers’ Training Institute is founded, which offers one year NCTE certified course in Primary Education. Attached to the banner is Suyog Sunderji Wisdom School, a full-fledge CBSE School with classes from K1 – Grade 8.

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